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How energy efficient is your HVAC system? Information about Energy Star, environmental benefits, and saving money on your energy bill.

5 Common Myths about Air Conditioning


Written by Brie Knaperek

We all hear tips and stories told between family members and friends about HVAC systems. Often times, the should’s and should not’s that we hear and tell aren’t actually true. Detailed below are 5 common myths told about air conditioning. 1. Air conditioners are just machines that cool the air. Nope! While your A/C does […]

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Weather Conditions & Your HVAC System


Written by Brie Knaperek

United States weather patterns vary greatly causing all sorts of stress on HVAC equipment.  Some areas of the country are known for causing even more wear and tear than anywhere else. Cottonwood Trees are notorious for plugging up condensers and air inlets with their fluffy seeds that they drop during the summer.  This can cause […]

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What does a quality air conditioning installation look like?


Written by Brie Knaperek

According to Energy Star, if an air conditioning unit is not installed properly, you can decrease its efficiency by up to 30%. Additionally, a poor installation can result in higher energy costs, a shorter lifespan of A/C components, poor home comfort, and higher initial equipment costs. Below you can find a great list of what […]

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How to stay cool when your A/C is out


Written by Brie Knaperek

At some point during the summer season, your air conditioner may suddenly stop working. Or, the energy saver in you may want to give your system a rest since nearly 17% of the energy consumed in your home is from your cooling system. Regardless of the reason, it’s great to have a backup of how […]

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