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Client Reviews Gulf Coast Air Systems, Inc. Bob Cochell, This email is to praise the outstanding service and consideration two employees showed our family today (9/05/14) . Matt came to our Land O Lakes house around 4:45 to see if he could get our system back up and running. I’m sure we don’t need to […]


Client Reviews Gulf Coast Air Systems, Inc.

Bob Cochell,

This email is to praise the outstanding service and consideration two employees showed our family today (9/05/14) . Matt came to our Land O Lakes house around 4:45 to see if he could get our system back up and running. I’m sure we don’t need to tell YOU the significance of having A/C. But it’s worth mentioning how your business can positively impact an entire family. Honestly, when we saw the Gulf Coast Air System van pull up, we were relieved…and happily surprised. We knew the gentleman didn’t have to take the call. We knew that if it were past 5 o’clock we’d be dealing with a whole different situation. Shaunna (sorry for any misspelling) was gracious enough to take two of our calls (aka cries for help) and dispatch Matt who was diligent enough to accept the call and face the unknown. He was in and out in about an hour. When we asked him to whom we could give feedback to, he politely provided your name.

Bottom line, we are impressed with your company and the commitment you must make to hire the best . As you know, they’re a reflection on you and what you’ve worked hard to build AND maintain. Mr. Cochell, you’ve done good sir. Just thought you’d like to know.

With Gratitude,

Jim and Kate S.

I recently purchased a Lennox system from Gulf Coast Air Systems. I would like to report that every aspect of the transaction was carried out with the highest level of professionalism by your employees. The analysis and pricing by Steve was done with courtesy and competence which was key to our choice of Gulf Coast.

The installation by Chris, Donnie, and Sergio was outstanding and highlighted by their courtesy, technical competence, and strong work ethic. They are a smooth team. We are completely satisfied with the system and will recommend you to our friends and neighbors.

Your employees are your strength!

– James B.

Brad, you are a marvel! We are now really c-o-o-o-l here in the back room of our house for the first summer time we can remember, and its thanks to your ingenuity. Your invention is working like a charm.

In our opinion you went way above the “call of duty” to solve our problem, and you have our warmest gratitude.

Thanks, too, to your team; they were all so nice and accommodating, easy to have in the house. We felt you were really looking out for us, and you are all a credit to Gulf Coast Air Systems.

Cordially, your most satisfied customers,

– The Fraters

Dear Folks,

Thank you SO much for your excellent customer service over the past two weeks when I had a problem with my AC. As I sit here in my now-cool home, I wanted to express my appreciation to you.

Your installers (including the manager!) were all very professional and friendly and got my system up and running quickly. Wendy was extremely helpful in helping me determine which system would best meet our needs. All of them are to be specially commended for adjusting schedules to get my system in ASAP after it unexpectedly stopped working.

In this horrendous August heat, it’s nice to know folks like you can help!

Thanks to you all!

– Patricia

To whom it may concern,

On Sunday, June 3rd , we had a big problem with our AC. After calling and calling several companies in the phone book, I was never able to speak to an actual person. Finally, I called Gulf Coast and was able to get ahold of one of your servicemen, and he came right out.

My husband had just gotten home from a 2 month stay in a hospital in Gainsville, and he was still connected to IV’s.

Our problem was a broken fan motor, and our serviceman Todd tried everything… even a universal fan motor, but it would not fit. I truly could see the concern and feeling of wanting to help in him, but it was out of his hands. We made it the night with fans from the neighbors and the next day, Todd came out as soon as the part arrived. He put it in Monday AM. I am very thankful for Gulf Coast, Todd, and his service manager for the care and concern they showed. We are very well satisfied.


– The Crosbys

Dear Bob,

Your company just saved me almost $8000. But, even better than that… I have found an honest, competent outfit which I can rely on for my A/C service needs.

My A/C system was leaking badly and I called another company (prominent in the Yellow Pages) for diagnosis and resolution. When all was said and done, their options were either 1.) Continue using a bucket to catch the water or 2.) Purchase a new A/C system. I opted for option 2.

Thinking this odd, a friend recommended that I call Gulf Coast.

On the day I was scheduled for the new A/C install, Mr. John Watson of Gulf Coast made a service call to my home. He promptly discovered the issue (which was simple and should have been taken care of by the previous company). He clearly explained the problem to me and discussed resolution, maintenance, and service. He was personable, honest, professional, and competent, which I am sure reflects your company as a whole.

I was able to cancel the A/C install and learn a few lessons. First, always get a second opinion. Second, always call Gulf Coast!

I will definitely recommend your company to anyone. Feel free to contact me if you need references or a testimonial. To Mr. Watson and Gulf Coast… Thank you!!!


We just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the new system you put in our condo last year. It was installed in October of 2007, so we really didn’t have a chance to see how well it would cool in the summer. Now that we are through most of the summer, we’ve found that our house has not only stayed nice and cool, but that our electric bills have dropped significantly – from 62 kwj/day last June to 43 kwh/day this June. This is about 30% less!!!

Even more significant is that since I’ve been working at home through the summer, the A/C has been running all day, whereas last year at this time, we always turned the temperature up when we left for work in the morning. Also, since I’ve been pregnant all summer, we have been keeping it set on (are you sitting down?) 69 degrees! Our bills are still lower than last year.

Our old heat pump system was less than 5 years old, but it was a “builders special”. A lizard got in the compressor and burned it up. Rather than replace the part on a low quality appliance, we decided to upgrade our whole system, and we are SO GLAD WE DID! The technicians and installers did a great job – thanks to them it is operating at its optimum capacity and efficiency. They were also able to lower the airflow in our future baby’s room to keep it from getting too cold.

We would be happy to give a personal referral to anyone considering using Gulf Coast – feel free to show them our electric bill or give out our e-mail address. Thanks again!

– Joe and Christine

To the owner(s) of the company,

Recently I had your company change out the HVAC system in my home. I want to make you aware (but I bet you already know!) the team of men that did the job is fantastic! Day one of the job saw Don, Lou, and a third fellow that proved he is valuable in figuring out a minor glitch with the wiring of the new unit. Day two was just Don and Lou. All three of these gentlemen were friendly, competent, and clean. They constantly kept the work area picked up and both days left the job site better than they found it. Don did an A+ job in keeping me posted throughout the process of what was going on.

I had thrown a little curve on the job which required an engineer to figure out what to do with two additional air return lines. He did so in an efficient and friendly manner. He explained his idea to me and the other three and it turned out to be a perfect solution. I am impressed to say the least.

The equipment came highly recommended to me and I have the highest confidence in its reputation. But the equipment is only as good as the installers. The installers pointed out deficiencies in the old installation, such as too many bends in the air flow (which they fixed).

In the end, I have the following points to make: your installers have “the right stuff” of personality, workmanship, talent, and pride to do great work. Your engineer is brilliant, the equipment is the best, and finally, even thought it appeared to me that your company went beyond what I expected from you, an attempt to bump me on price did not happen. That is very classy.

I feel happy, content, satisfied, and ready to face summer with no worries! Thanks again for a great team! Last but not least, it all began with Sean Bunch. His style of straightforward, pleasant business fit me perfectly. I kept his original quote for one year knowing in my heart that when I was ready, I had to talk to the fine young man one more time. He exudes honesty.

Yours truly,

Howard Z.