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Hurricane Prep & Awareness
Hurricane Irma is currently predicted to be making land fall during the weekend in Florida. You probably already know that you should be stocked up drinking water, nonperishable foods, flashlights, batteries, and to prep your home for the storm. But did you know you should also prep your HVAC system for the hurricane?   Storm […]

5 Ways to Keep Your A/C from Overheating
Temperatures are rising and so is the amount of time you have your air conditioner on. During the summer months, your air conditioner runs the risk of overheating. But don’t worry! Below are several great tips on how you can help to make sure your A/C does not overheat. 1.) Change filter – The filter […]

Should You Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioner?
If you’ve read our previous posts, you are fully aware of some of the problems that can develop in A/C units. What we didn’t cover was whether you should repair or replace the unit if you encounter these issues. You may have heard of the $5,000 rule. If you multiply the age of the equipment […]

Try Using These Houseplants to Naturally Filter Your Air!
We’ve explored the hazardous air pollutants that can be found within homes. This post is taking a more positive spin on household tips. Houseplants can be a great, low-cost way to filter the air throughout your house. Below are 5 houseplants that can help naturally filter your home! 1.) Aloe – With it’s amazing sunburn […]

Humidity and your HVAC System
During the summer months, a humidity level below 60% is recommended by experts. High humidity can cause mold growth or moisture related issues and can even lead to health and comfort problems. Moisture-filled air causes A/C to run longer. Luckily, modern A/C units dehumidify as they cool. To lessen need for dehumidification: do not set […]

Air Ducts: What and How Important Are They?
Although many people know what air ducts are and their function in a home, many do not! This post is geared towards those people! After reading through this blog, we hope it helps you become more familiar with your HVAC system and knowledgeable about the importance of regular maintenance. Air ducts are the pathways for […]

A/C not working? This might be the cause.
A mid-summer, humid 100-degree day is not the greatest time for your air conditioner to stop working. Unfortunately, this can happen, but before it ever does, it’s good to become familiar with some common reasons A/C units can require maintenance. While you should always contact a professional about repairs and installations, it’s good to have […]

8 Tasks Your HVAC Technician Should Be Performing and Why
Your HVAC technicians should be preforming these 8 tasks when visiting your home! 1. Cleaning or replacing the air filter – Doing this keeps dust and other allergens from spreading around your home. 2. Cleaning and inspecting the blower motor – The blower disperses the chilled air over the evaporator in the A/C unit. A […]

Gulf Coast supports Abi in Sri Lanka
We believe we are only as good as what we leave behind. Our goal is to have given more than we receive. The only way to do that is to plant seed into other’s lives. What breaks the heart of Michelle Grunberg, President of Iconnectu? Knowing babies around the globe have little or no hope to […]

5 Common Myths about Air Conditioning
We all hear tips and stories told between family members and friends about HVAC systems. Often times, the should’s and should not’s that we hear and tell aren’t actually true. Detailed below are 5 common myths told about air conditioning. 1. Air conditioners are just machines that cool the air. Nope! While your A/C does […]

What to Expect During a Maintenance Visit
As the temperature outside is getting colder and colder, the more we need our HVAC systems working properly. If something isn’t working right, you should call and get a technician out as soon as possible. Here is a little run down of what to expect when they come to your house. 1. They will do […]

The Importance of Air Filters
Air filters are a very important part to your HVAC system but they’re often overlooked. Air filters filter the air that goes through your heating and air conditioning systems. It may just look like a card board box but really it is made with special materials to make sure the air is filtered out in […]

Protect Your Home from a Lightning Storm
A lot of people find thunderstorms soothing, and then there are those who are terrified or them. Lightning storms can do some dangerous damage to an HVAC system. Here is how to keep your home safe. While the effects on your system might not be apparent right away, power surges following an outage can damage […]

Signs of wear and tear on your air ducts
As the seasons are changing, we are getting into the coldest weather of the year. This takes a toll on our air ducts. This is the time to check on your air ducts. There are some signs to tell when your air ducts are ready to be inspected. 1. Uneven temperatures around the house. If […]

Common Indoor Air Pollutants & How to Prevent Them
Many of us are aware of dust and mold being common air pollutants within our homes. However, there are other, more deadly particles that can enter our air flow system undetected. Below is a list of common air pollutants that can be harmful to those living in your home. Carbon Monoxide Carbon monoxide stops your body […]

Should you run your air conditioner during a thunderstorm?
It’s a hot, humid summer evening, and thankfully, you are inside. The temperature is a cool 72 degrees thanks to the air conditioner. You are just about to turn on the T.V. when a rumble of thunder crashes outside. Immediately through the window, you see rain begin to pour and lightning flashing. Now what? Should […]

Weather Conditions & Your HVAC System
United States weather patterns vary greatly causing all sorts of stress on HVAC equipment.  Some areas of the country are known for causing even more wear and tear than anywhere else. Cottonwood Trees are notorious for plugging up condensers and air inlets with their fluffy seeds that they drop during the summer.  This can cause […]

Can animals get into my HVAC system??
Whether it’s extreme heat and cold or searching for food, animals can accidentally end up becoming trapped inside your home. The result can be a very scary experience for you and especially for the animal. Listed below are some ways you can attempt to prevent this and also what to do if the animal is […]

The Early Days of Air Conditioning
According to the Energy Information Administration, 48% of energy consumption in American homes is a result of heating and cooling. With so many people using A/C (especially in the summer and those living in warm climates) how many really know the history behind this commonly used machine. Below is a brief introduction to the early […]

Giving Back to Our Nation’s Heroes
The Gramatica Family Foundation was founded by the Gramatica brothers to help severely wounded veterans and their families transition from the battlefield to the home front. Together with their sponsors, they provide the materials needed to build these families new homes in the Tampa Bay area. This Monday, August 1st, The Gramatica Family Foundation is […]

5 Tips to Avoid HVAC Scams
When your air conditioner goes out, you may become vulnerable. Unqualified contractors prey on vulnerable customers. Below are 5 tips to avoid potential HVAC scams for your safety. Do research before the technician arrives. Get an idea of the typical price range a service visit charges. Confirm what the estimated cost is for a service visit with […]

The Saharan Air Layer & Your HVAC System
The Saharan Air Layer (SAL) is a mass of air with strong winds, a high concentration of dry air, and dust particles connected with the Sahara Desert in Africa. It is a feature of tropical weather during the summer and fall. This air layer is diluted as it travels east to west. As it brings […]

What does a quality air conditioning installation look like?
According to Energy Star, if an air conditioning unit is not installed properly, you can decrease its efficiency by up to 30%. Additionally, a poor installation can result in higher energy costs, a shorter lifespan of A/C components, poor home comfort, and higher initial equipment costs. Below you can find a great list of what […]

Your checklist for a happy, healthy A/C!
With summer looming ahead of us and the heat bearing down, our air conditioners are in full force. That being said, it is very important to maintain a happy, healthy life for your A/C unit! The happier and healthier, the longer life it’ll have! We have organized a brief check-list below of things to keep […]

How to stay cool when your A/C is out
At some point during the summer season, your air conditioner may suddenly stop working. Or, the energy saver in you may want to give your system a rest since nearly 17% of the energy consumed in your home is from your cooling system. Regardless of the reason, it’s great to have a backup of how […]

Warmer Months Ahead
On average, June is the warmest month of the year for the Tampa area. This usually means cranking up your A/C unit and trying to stay as cool as possible. With so much energy usage, how can you save money while helping the environment as well? Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of some helpful tips to […]

5 Responses to “Why is my air conditioner not working?!”
We’ve all been there. It’s the middle of summer (or what feels like summer) and all of a sudden, the A/C dies out, begins leaking, makes strange noises, or isn’t cooling effectively. Of course, if there is ever a problem such as this with your A/C, it’s best to consult a professional. However, we are […]

3 Precautions to Take When a Storm Hits
Although the first tropical storm has already occurred this year (remember Hurricane Alex??) hurricane season typically occurs between June 1-November 30. Multiple meteorologists are anticipating the amount of this season’s storms to be above average. However, there is no real correlation between number of storms and number of U.S. landfalls. So it’s kind of up […]

10 Tips to Keep Your Heat Down & Your Energy Bill Low
1) Be mindful of which lights are one within your home. An increase in electricity will cause the temperature in your home to rise. 2) Close all the blinds and lower your A/C unit whenever you leave your home. This will keep the sunlight out and your air conditioner from overworking. 3) Check your ducts! If […]

Carrier President’s Award
Leading HVAC contractor Gulf Coast Air Systems Inc. received Carrier’s 2016 President’s Award at the National Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer Meeting in California.   The President’s Award is given to select contractors and is Carrier’s highest honor for its dealers. The President’s Award recognizes Carrier dealers who exemplify the company’s model for operational excellence, business […]

5 Common HVAC Safety Issues
If you begin seeing signs of the following problems, it’s time to call a professional technician in to take a look. Allowing the issue to further develop could lead to larger, more expensive fix. Drainage Problems If not leveled properly, some air conditioners may not drain properly.  Or the drain may become plugged causing water […]

How to Create an Allergy-Free Home
It’s a rough week for allergy sufferers in the Tampa-area due to high tree pollen levels. Although pollen levels can be easily predicted, there can still be other allergens lurking within the space you occupy most AKA your home. We have gathered some of the best tips on how to create an allergy-free house to […]

What should HVAC technicians do during a tune up?
Winter us upon us and what is your home’s best defense against winter?  It’s to make sure that your home has an efficient and effective heating system. Giving your HVAC systems regular TLC with regular maintenance is the best way to make sure your systems are performing at their highest level. Most HVAC maintenance should […]

Steps to Stormproof your HVAC System for Hurricane Season
Hurricanes are extremely destructive.  You probably already know to stock up on water, nonperishable foods, flashlights, batteries, and stormproof your home. But most people forget about their HVAC systems. To help you keep your family safe during hurricane season, we put together some tips to help you protect your home and HVAC systems before and […]

Don’t be Strangled by Poor Indoor Air Quality
As outdoor temperatures hit their peak, many escape the blistering rays by keeping cool indoors. With the additional time spent inside, it’s important to take a look at the quality of your indoor air. Studies show that indoor air can be more than twice as polluted as the air outside. Avoid this problem by taking […]

Preventative Maintenance is Your Friend: Avoid Unwanted Breakdowns This Summer
Preventative maintenance is an important step for keeping your air conditioning system running efficiently. With the summer heat fast approaching, it’s Gulf Coast Air Systems’ first priority to make sure you and your family stay cool, comfortable, and safe this cooling season. Before the season changes fully, you should schedule your air conditioner checkup to […]

Prepare For Summer Now and Your Future Self Will Thank You
With hotter weather approaching, it’s important to make sure your home comfort system is operating at its highest efficiency to keep you and your family comfortable. Here are some tips to make sure you’ll have a cool home and a happy wallet this summer: Regularly clean or replace your air filters to ensure proper air flow. […]

Don’t Let Heat Loss Get the Best of You or Your Wallet
Heat loss can plague any household, even those in sunny Florida. This occurs particularly when the desired temperature inside your home is higher than the temperature outside of it. The warm air that your HVAC system produces can escape through air leaks, which causes the system to work harder to make up for that lost […]

Going on Vacation? Prepare Your Home Beforehand.
After locking your door and leaving for your next adventure, the last thing you want to do is second guess whether or not you properly prepared your household for your departure. Take time before you leave to double check that all appliances are accounted for in order to give yourself some peace of mind while you’re […]

Home Trends in 2015 Will Move Toward Maximum Energy Efficiency
2015 is almost upon us, and while it’s doubtful that we’ll be getting hover boards or power laces, there are definitely a few emerging trends to be aware of: particularly with regards to energy efficiency. Here are a few of the home trends in 2015 that you should be aware of. Alternative Lighting Compact fluorescent […]

Heat Pump vs. Furnace
Florida homeowners have solid options for home heating that include heat pumps, furnaces, and hybrid systems that combine the best of both. Since temperatures rarely fall below freezing in this area, all three types work well. 

3 Reasons Florida Homeowners Opt for a Ductless System
If you ask someone who uses a ductless system what they like about it, you may hear a long list of advantages and accolades. Ductless systems are efficient, quiet, offer point-of-use conditioning and boost indoor air quality. To be fully convinced going ductless is for you, consider the three reasons which ductless systems were originally […]

Caution: 5 Ways to Void an HVAC Warranty
Whether you’ve ever had an HVAC system to break down or not, most of us know the importance of a good warranty that’s meant to protect our investment. Unfortunately, homeowners often will void an HVAC warranty without even realizing it. The best way to ensure that this doesn’t happen is to read over every detail of the […]

How Does Rain Affect My Air Conditioning Unit?
If you have a central A/C, it most likely has an outdoor unit. But is it really safe there? The weather on the Gulf Coast can get pretty rough, and the unit is full of electrical components and sensitive equipment, all just sitting out in the elements. So you can’t help but wonder, “Does rain […]

The Causes of Evaporator Coil Leaks Can Be Varied
As much as Floridians rely on air conditioners and heat pumps, learning how to avoid the causes of evaporator coil leaks can prevent system failure that these leaks can cause. The evaporator coil sits inside the air handler and is responsible for removing the heat from the air in the summer. When it leaks, the […]

Tackle Maintenance in Your Brandon Home
If better home system performance with lower energy bills sounds like a comforting proposition, achieve your home efficiency goals the simple way with this fall home maintenance checklist. You’ll be prepared for stormy weather, the heating months and you may even take advantage of seasonal specials. Fall Home Maintenance The goals of fall home maintenance are to tighten […]

How Does IAQ in Your Plant City Home Affect the HVAC System?
When you think of indoor air quality in your Plant City home, do you think of seasonal allergens, dust, germs, and the relentless mold and mildew growth prevalent in our region? According to air quality and energy experts, you may also want to think about how indoor air quality affects the HVAC system. Here’s why. How […]

More than Window Dressing, Window Treatments also Help You Save
When you customize your home’s decor, your choice of window treatments is a blended reflection of your personality and design preference. But did you know that dressing your home’s windows also can save money on your heating and cooling bills? Windows magnify the sun’s rays as they enter your Florida home, imitating the fundamentals of how greenhouses keep […]

Why Ceiling Fans Make a Big Difference in Your Energy Bills
The wind-chill effect isn’t limited to the winter winds that make you feel cooler than the actual temperature outside. Ceiling fans in the home create a wind-chill environment inside your Florida home during hot weather to make you feel cooler there, too. By circulating the air inside a room, ceiling fans create drafts that increase your comfort and […]

4 Tips for Common AC Problems
Now is not a convenient time for the A/C to stop working, but fortunately, a few air conditioner troubleshooting tips may be all you need to fix the problem. Try out these four potential solutions to your problem and call in the pros only if necessary. Condenser Won’t Run Check the power: Make sure the […]

Save Energy Dollars Today – Quick and Easy!
Setting aside a little time to start saving energy dollars in a climate like ours can add up to big savings over a year. Although winters are mild, summers are long, hot and humid, driving up your energy bills. These tips show you how to make some simple changes: Turn the water heater down to […]

Fight Spring Allergies With Some HVAC TLC
With spring and early summer bringing a slew of new allergens into the Tampa Bay area, it’s time to make sure your HVAC system is ready to go, both in regards to keeping you cool and cleaning your indoor air. Avoid the brunt of springtime allergies by scheduling a seasonal checkup of your home’s A/C system. […]

Why Duct Sealing Makes Cents
When you’re looking to cool your house this summer, having ductwork that circulates and distributes your conditioned air efficiently will help you save money on your energy bills and make your home feel more consistently comfortable throughout. The federal Energy Star program has estimated that up to 20 percent of the conditioned air produced by […]

Plan an Air Conditioner Checkup Now to Save Money Later
The seasons are changing, and the Tampa Bay Area is seeing hot weather already and gearing up for a sweltering summer to come. But before the worst of the heat rolls in, you should schedule an air conditioner checkup to make sure you can stay cool all through the cooling season. Scheduling your air conditioner […]

These Energy Tips Can Save You a Bundle This Cooling Season
As temperatures rise over the next several months, you’ll be forced to make a few changes in your Florida home if you hope to keep your utility bills in check. We suggest that you begin saving both energy and money this cooling season by following these simple energy tips. Energy Tips to Help You Save Money […]

Simple Attic Insulation Tips That Will Boost Comfort, Energy Efficiency
There’s no doubt about it; next to sealing cracks and holes around windows and doors, installing attic insulation is one of the smartest steps you can take to “button up” your home, conserve energy and help ensure that you stay warm in winter and cool in summer while inside your Brandon or Sun City Center […]

When You Should Consider Professional Duct Cleaning Services
Unlike other HVAC maintenance tasks that need to be performed semi-annually or yearly, duct cleaning needs to be done less often in most homes, or under certain circumstances such as noticeable mold growth and post-rodent infestation, or if the ducts are showing signs of built-up dirt or debris.

Protect Against Lethal Poisoning by Installing Carbon Monoxide Detectors
First and foremost, the safety of your family should always be your primary concern. One way to protect your loved ones is to install carbon monoxide detectors around your home to detect dangerous levels of the deadly gas. Let’s take a look at the symptoms of CO poisoning and a few guidelines of installation. Don’t […]

Don’t Let Energy Vampires Suck the Heat Out of Your Home This Winter
Just about every home has that one coveted spot, close to the door, where it’s so easy and convenient to plug in and charge a cell phone before grabbing it and running out the door the next day. In fact, cell phones may be huddled around several easily accessible outlets in your home. The only […]

Do You Need a New Heat Pump? The Telltale Signs
Heat pumps are designed to provide many years of reliable home comfort. Age, however, is not the only criteria you should use to decide if it’s time for a new heat pump. A well-maintained system that’s 10 or 15 years old may still be perfectly functional. Before making the decision to replace your equipment, look for […]

It’s Never Too Late for a Heat Pump Tune-Up
We may be well into winter, but even if you’ve let your heat pump’s annual preventive maintenance go until now, it’s still not too late. If your heat pump still needs it’s regular maintenance or if the system’s performance seems to be dropping off, contact your local trusted HVAC services provider for a heat pump […]

Installing a Heat Pump? Factors to Consider
A heat pump is a highly efficient piece of HVAC equipment that can keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter at an economical price. Here’s a brief guide to heat pumps that can help you decide if a heat pump will work best for your indoor comfort. Sizing a Heat […]

Maximize Comfort and Savings With Better Attic Insulation, Ventilation
You may improve the energy efficiency of your Brandon area home by taking steps to increase attic ventilation and improve attic insulation, especially if it’s an older home that was built without energy conservation in mind. A well-ventilated and well-insulated attic will save you money and make your home more comfortable in a variety of […]

Forced Air Furnace: Older Technology That Still Sells
Forced air furnaces are among the most common HVAC systems in the United States, performing well in both colder northern climates and more moderate southern areas like the Gulf Coast. They are less expensive than alternative heating systems, installation is simple, and because they already use ductwork to carry warmed air throughout the house, an air […]

Air Filter Efficiency: Low or High, How Do You Know Which Is Best?
Air filter efficiency makes a big difference in your HVAC system’s performance. The cleaner the air going into the system, the better the air quality going back into your home. Dust and other particles that infiltrate the system can cause increased fuel consumption, damage and costly repairs. Believe it or not, though, the highest rated air […]

Energy Star Appliances: Any Season, They Help You Save
When it comes to shopping for your next heating and cooling appliance, you’ll want to get the most out of your new investment. That means finding the most energy-efficient products available. One way to get plenty of bang for your buck is to find products bearing the Energy Star label. Developed by the U.S. Department […]

Aging Ductwork: How to Tell When Yours Is Ready to Scrap
If you have aging ductwork, there’s a good chance it’s time to scrap it along with wasted energy and unnecessarily high utility bills. Ducts that are more than 10 years old and/or haven’t been well-maintained often suffer from poor design, leaks, inadequate insulation and airflow obstructions, all of which waste energy. They also create excess […]

Dust in Your Brandon Home: What It Is, and How to Contain It
As a Brandon homeowner, you want to know what you can do to improve your home’s indoor air quality, increase HVAC efficiency and maintain a dust-free environment. Keeping a house free from dust can be a challenge, but it’s a necessary step for keeping and maintaining a healthy and energy-efficient home. Dust in the Filter […]

Dealing With Heat Loss: Even in Sunny Florida, It Can Be Costly
Heat loss may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of our sunny Florida climate. However, heat loss is a potential anytime desired interior temperatures are higher than the temperatures outside, which can occur during cold spells and after the sun goes down. This can be costly in terms of […]

You Don’t Want an HVAC Contractor Who Engages in These Practices
Anyone may call themselves an HVAC contractor. However, separating the sheep from the goats and the professional contractor from the wanna-be requires careful consideration. Competition in the residential HVAC business is keen and often inspires those lacking real credentials to offer unrealistic deals and pie-in-the-sky promises. Frequently, the “bargain” transaction includes sub-standard equipment and slipshod […]

Want to Save on Heating This Winter?
Although we live in one of the mildest winter climates, we still require home heating during the coolest months of the winter. These tips can help you save on heating, leaving more money in your pocket and also setting the stage for lower summertime cooling costs. Have your furnace or heat pump professionally serviced each […]

Prepare Your Home and Heating System Before Leaving on Vacation
For real peace of mind while you’re on vacation, just turning off your heating system and locking the door isn’t enough. Before you leave, take the time to properly prepare your home so you don’t come back to any unpleasant surprises. Lower the heat – Even in the Brandon and Valrico area’s mild winters, frozen […]

Why Won’t My Furnace Start?
For every problem, there’s a solution. Keep telling yourself this if you find yourself asking, Why won’t my furnace start? Then call a trusted HVAC professional for an in-depth inspection. Before the HVAC appointment, tackle these troubleshooting steps if your furnace won’t start: Check that your furnace is on and set at “heat.” Then check […]

How Long Do Furnaces Typically Last?
Your Brandon area home has a heating system you’ve relied on to keep your family warm. If it’s a furnace, at some point you must have asked yourself, “How long do furnaces last? Was your furnace in place when you purchased your home? Did you purchase your home or install a new furnace in the 20th […]

To Get the Most Out of Your High Efficiency Furnace, You Need to Improve Home Efficiency
A high efficiency furnace can be the largest energy user in your home. By opting for a furnace with efficiency of 90 or even 95 percent, you can save money in the long term compared to a lower efficiency boiler. Unfortunately in most homes, this savings possibility is escaping through inefficiencies elsewhere. To get the most […]

How Do Two-Stage Furnaces Stack Up Against Traditional Models?
You’ve probably heard about two-stage furnaces, but perhaps didn’t know how it differs from a standard single-stage furnace. Here are some of the most common reasons people upgrade to a two-stage furnace. The two stages involve a high heat setting like on all furnaces, but also a lower heat setting for maintaining consistent temperatures and […]

Is Your Furnace Blowing Cold Air?
While Florida is known for warm summer weather, the last thing anyone needs in the winter is a furnace blowing cold air. Before calling in the professionals, consider these points to see if your furnace has a deeper problem. Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air? It could be perfectly normal. When you come home […]

Why a Heat Pump Is a Great Choice for Heating in Florida
Though Florida is known for its mild temperatures year-round, you may sometimes need to heat your home in the winter. Furnaces are the traditional way to heat a home in the northern states but they are quite expensive to operate. Many Floridians choose to install heat pumps because they are more energy-efficient. Heat pumps move […]

Keep Maintaining Your HVAC System, Even as the Weather Cools Off
Do you want your HVAC system ready for peak performance next spring? If so, here are some simple tasks you can do this fall to keep your system running efficiently beyond next spring and summer. What HVAC Professionals Recommend If your HVAC system is properly cared for during the cooler months, then your system will […]

Heat Gain: Get a Handle on It for More Comfort in Your Brandon Home
While much of the nation is figuring out ways to heat their homes, Florida homeowners are still working on ways to mitigate heat gain. Unchecked heat gain will cause your interior temperatures to soar, making your cooling system work that much harder to keep your home at your desired thermostat setting. The good news is […]

Your System’s Compressor Works Hard: Take the Pressure Off
The long, hot Tampa Bay area cooling season takes a toll on your air conditioner, which works 24/7 to keep you comfortable. You can help reduce the load on your system’s compressor by following these tips. Reduce the Load on Your Air Conditioner Turn up your thermostat when you leave the house or go to […]

A/C Theft: Are You at Risk?
If you’ve recently upgraded your air conditioning system or heat pump, you’re smart – you’ve kept your electric bill from picking your pocket. Energy-saving equipment is a great money saver. However, there may be another costly problem of which you’re unaware, depending on the location of your unit. A/C theft has become a major issue […]

The Benefits of Ductless Systems
If you have a room that’s hard to keep comfortable or are planning an addition, consider ductless systems. They offer significant advantages over ducted systems in places where it would be difficult or costly in terms of space or money to run ducts. These systems are heat pumps that both cool and heat spaces. They […]

Ductwork Obstructions Can Ruin a Home’s Efficiency — Common Issues
With rising energy bills a fact of modern life, we all want to do what we can to keep costs under control. In the pursuit of energy efficiency, an often overlooked quick fix can be a closer inspection of the duct systems in our homes. Ductwork issues are a major drag on energy efficiency, but the […]

The Energy-Efficient Tampa Bay Home: Your Mutually Reliant Systems
For homes in the warm Tampa Bay area, energy-efficient climate control systems can make a big difference in utility bills, and in your overall home comfort level. A whole-house approach, in which each part of the energy system is evaluated individually for its impact on the whole, is the ideal way to maintain maximum efficiency […]

Balancing the Airflow in Your Tampa Bay Home
If you’ve been having problems with uncomfortable differences in the temperatures between different rooms in your home this summer, you may be able to improve the situation by balancing airflow. Balancing airflow is simple enough for any homeowner to do, but it may take some trial and error before you get the airflow to match […]

The 25C Energy Tax Credits: Here Today, Gone in January
You may have already heard about the substantial federal tax credits available for energy-efficient purchases, but take note that you have an expiration date for purchasing the qualifying products.   The current energy tax credits being offered were established by the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012. Congress extended these benefits, commonly referred to as […]

7 Tips for Hiring a Local Heating and Cooling Contractor
There’s more than one heating and cooling contractor in the Brandon area; how do you choose the very best for the job? Here are seven tips for hiring a heating and cooling contractor you can trust. Do your research: Find out which HVAC contractors in the Brandon area have the proper licensing and insurance. Also, […]

Why Do Air Conditioners Freeze? Consider These Possibilities
There are several possible answers for the question of why air conditioners freeze?” Ice anywhere in your air conditioning system indicates a problem that you need to deal with before the system is damaged and requires expensive repairs. The first step you should take with a frozen air conditioner is to turn the system off […]

Tips for Air Sealing a Home
If you’re experiencing surprisingly expensive energy bills during extremely hot or cold months, you’re probably a victim of air leakage. This unfortunate event occurs when there are small cracks allowing conditioned air from inside your climate controlled home to the outside world. Fortunately, here are some excellent tips for air sealing your home and making […]

5 Tips to Help a Heat Pump Cooling System Breeze Through the End of Summer
A heat pump that is properly maintained and operating efficiently will save you energy and money. There are several things you can do to ensure that your heat pump cooling system is working efficiently, potentially prolonging its life. Setting back your heat pump thermostat should be avoided if this causes your backup heating to come […]

Make Your Tampa Bay Home a Haven From the Heat
As the heat and sunlight cooks the air outside our homes, how can we maintain excellent indoor air quality? Here are three key ways we can tackle this issue: Deal with individual pollution sources – Emissions from household appliances such as stoves, and chemicals like cleaning products, all build up and release toxins into the air we breathe. […]

Ailing A/C? Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency Can Help Ease the Pain
It’s the middle of summer. How is your air conditioning working for you? If your A/C isn’t functioning at its best or if you have had it for 10 years or more, you should consider replacing it. You may think that your system is working well, but years of heavy use can make your system […]

The Energy Star Should be Your Guiding Light for Cooling and Heating Upgrades
When you’re looking to upgrade heating and cooling equipment in your home, it’s very important to look for the Energy Star efficiency label. You may have noticed that there is a huge push toward using appliances and equipment that have that label associated with them. In fact, some stores will even offer you discounts when […]

How to Test Humidity in Your Home
When outdoors here in the Riverview area, we often have to deal with humid weather. Inside the home, however, residents should do their best to monitor and normalize humidity. Average relative humidity should hover between 35 and 45 percent. Controlled humidity helps protect your home’s structure, preserving and extending the life of your drywall, wood furniture […]

There’s Trouble If Your A/C Compressor Buzzes, Bangs or Bubbles
Is your air conditioner trying to tell you something? Are you beginning to notice unusual pings, bangs and buzzing noises coming from the A/C compressor outside your Tampa Bay area home? A number of problems may be developing within your cooling system associated with these sounds. Here are some common A/C compressor sounds and what they may mean: Banging, clanking, […]

With the Right Ceiling Fans, Controlling Your Cooling Costs Is a Breeze
You know your air conditioning system will keep your home cool this summer, but there’s a surprising and efficient addition you can make to your cooling equipment. Combining ceiling fans with air conditioning will lower your monthly utility bills and keep your indoor living spaces more comfortable than air conditioning alone. Ceiling fans increase the […]

Stopping Summer Heat Gain Before It Gets the Better of You
The Florida summer still has plenty of heat to deliver, and as temperatures remain high, so will the effects from summer heat gain. Heat gain is the accumulation of excess heat in a building either from natural or man-made sources, ranging from sunlight shining through the windows to heat from appliances and light bulbs. When […]

Air Conditioner Capacity Is Measured in Tons — Ever Wondered Why?
One of the more confusing terms in the air conditioning industry is “ton.” When referring to an air conditioner, this word does not refer to the unit’s weight. Instead, it indicates the air conditioner’s capacity and ability to remove heat from your indoor environment. Most sources say the term “ton” originated when buildings and rooms […]

A Feature to Seriously Consider When Shopping for an A/C
High-efficiency air conditioning systems contain numerous sophisticated components that improve the equipment’s overall performance and energy efficiency. One of the most useful is the thermal expansion valve. This device, also known as a thermostatic expansion valve, a TXE, or a TEV, will improve your air conditioner’s efficiency and reduce the amount of money you spend […]

Tips to Save Energy at Home
A lot of energy is wasted in a typical home. Most people do not realize how much is wasted and what they can do to cut back on the waste. Saving energy reduces your utility bills, and it helps to preserve our planet. It is easy to implement the following tips to save energy at […]

How a Thermostat Is Replaced in a House
Heating and cooling represent a significant portion of the energy use in your home. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, adjusting your thermostat to a less energy-intensive setting when you are asleep or away from home is a good way to save money. Installing a programmable thermostat will allow you to do this automatically. […]

What Should the Humidity Be in my House
We all know that feeling of wet summer heat that hits you like a wall and makes everyone feel groggy all day. Mother Nature can be a bit harsh this time of year, but by controlling moisture levels within your home, you can stay comfortable and reduce structural damage due to high humidity. While your […]

Matching Sides of Split-System A/C After Malfunction: Why It’s So Important
The importance of matching sides of split-system A/Cs can’t be overstated. Both sides are designed specifically to work in sync with one another. Simply replacing one unit without the other after a malfunction is a costly mistake that could cost you time, money and peace of mind. As the name implies, split air conditioning systems […]

Putting Off Replacing the A/C? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t
You’d like to get the most out of your current air conditioning system. However, your older A/C may be at the end of its rope and in need of replacement. Replacing the A/C with a newer, energy-efficient model will not only lower your annual energy costs, but also help you avoid expensive service calls and […]

The Anatomy of Your Air Conditioner
Do you know how your air conditioner works? The average homeowner isn’t going to be an expert on air conditioner technology, but it’s helpful to at least have a general idea of how they function. Understanding the anatomy of air conditioner systems can prove useful when contemplating your A/C repair or installation options. To help […]

Your A/C Coils Are Essential: Here’s How to Keep Them Clean
Annual preventive air conditioning maintenance on your cooling system goes a long way toward preventing midsummer breakdowns during the long, hot summers. It can also lower your energy costs and extend the life of your system. When you schedule your tune-up, ask your technician about cleaning your A/C coils. Dirty coils can result in inefficient heat […]

Consider This Before You Make Your Purchase
The air conditioner you invest in dictates your comfort for seasons to come. That’s why you should find one that employs advanced A/C technology for optimal comfort, convenience and energy efficiency. Here is the top advanced A/C technology to look for. High SEER rating SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio. A high SEER rating […]

Top 10 Energy-Saving Tips for Florida Residents
Looking for ways to save energy that apply specifically to Florida residents? These top 10 energy-saving tips will help trim your monthly utility bills and regain control of energy use in your home. Cool to only 78 degrees. Running the ceiling fan will make the room feel 4 degrees cooler while consuming 97 percent less energy than […]

Air Conditioner Problems and Solutions Checklist: Find Yours Here
The proper installation of an air conditioning unit makes a significant impact in the life of that cooling system. Sometimes issues aren’t apparent for a while after the installation. It’s important to have a routine service checkup to keep your air conditioning unit maintained and running efficiently. Still, air conditioner problems are to be expected occasionally. […]

A Basic Guide to SEER Efficiency Ratings
The concept of SEER efficiency ratings is key to understanding the kind of savings you can expect from your new air conditioner. All units manufactured today must have a minimum SEER rating of 13, but many new units have efficiency ratings as high as the mid-20s. Here’s a basic guide to SEER efficiency ratings. What […]

Your New Air Conditioner: Why the Match Is All-Important
If you find yourself in the market for a new air conditioner, choosing the right one to fit your home is vital. Yet many people in the Tampa Bay area are not aware of one mistake that could be costing them efficiency. If you have a split air conditioning system, you must ensure that the […]

Replace Your Air Conditioner Now, and Look at What You Stand to Gain
Initially, the idea of investing in a new air conditioner may not be all that appealing. After all, it’s a major expense. But did you know that you could stand to gain quite a few benefits by replacing your older equipment with a new, more efficient system? In fact, you could wind up saving money. […]

Your New A/C System: 4 Installation Issues That Can Make or Break A SEER Rating
If you’ve just gotten a new high-efficiency air conditioner, you’re probably looking forward to equally high savings this summer. An air conditioner with a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) in the high teens or low 20s can cost considerably less to operate than a SEER 6 system. But just buying a system with a high […]

Training Wheels… Again?
Virtually 100% of the people reading drive motorized vehicles. Most of us first encountered “wheels” with a baby stroller, but hopefully that was short lived. Our first personal encounter was probably with bicycle equipped with… training wheels. These were an extra set wheels that allowed us to develop our balancing skills so that we could […]

How Many Planets Do We Live On?
If you are old enough to remember the Moon landing and the “One small step for man… one large step for mankind,” you may also remember that looking back at planet Earth was one planet, not two or some other number. The reason I bring this up is that I travel the world as a […]

The REVENGE of the Dry Unit
Now that almost one-third of all equipment sold is in the form of DRY units, and that percentage is growing every month due to unprecedented consumer demand. What could possibly happen to alter the course to where R-22 is again the dominant refrigerant in the marketplace?  Here enters the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)… In early […]

Ready or Not… Here I Come!
Remember when we were kids and played hide and seek? Just before you went looking for everyone you announced, “Ready or not, here I come!” I think many contractors have developed that attitude toward the Code changes. Hint: They aren’t ready! The new 2010 Code is most definitely here, so I will recap several of […]

Code Confusion… But Why?
The “new” 2010 Code is weeks old now, but the stream of questions continues. This is strange, because FRACCA has a course that has been presented more than eight times all over the State. Locations include Tampa, Orlando (3 times), Miami (2 times), Ft. Myers, Sarasota, Ocala and soon Jacksonville. I have personally met with […]

Are You a “Miscreant” Contractor?
I was informed of a Department of Energy (DOE) webinar in December that was most informative. If nothing changes (there is scheduled to be a national election in November), then the DOE will expand its control over the efficiency of HVAC equipment in a dramatic new way… Regional Efficiencies. There are eight climate zones in […]