10 Tips to Keep Your Heat Down & Your Energy Bill Low


1) Be mindful of which lights are on within your home. An increase in electricity will cause the temperature in your home to rise.

2) Close all the blinds and lower your A/C unit whenever you leave your home. This will keep the sunlight out and your air conditioner from overworking.

3) Check your ducts! If there are spaces in your home with little insulation where the ducts run through, cool air will escape and hot air will creep in.

4) Use fans! These will assist your A/C unit by circulating the cooler air throughout your home while using a low amount of energy in the process.

5) Is your couch blocking a vent? Check to be sure you do not have furniture unintentionally blocking vents in your home. Circulating air is a great for your home.

6) Have you had your air conditioning unit serviced for the season? Servicing your appliance will increase the lifespan of the machine and also result in it being more energy efficient.

7) If you own an old, outdated air conditioning unit, you might want to consider investing in a new, energy-efficient model. Give us a call to view our plentiful options!

8) Avoid putting items that give off heat such as lights or a television near the thermostat.

9) Remember, the smaller the difference is between the indoor and outdoor temperature, the less expensive your energy bill will be.

10) Try to not set your thermostat colder than you need it to be. It could result in unnecessary, excessive cooling which could increase your energy bill.

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