The TechPure Germicidal UV Light works with your home’s filtration system 24/7 to optimize indoor air quality by fighting mold and bacterial growth on your system’s coil. It fights against pathogens, bacteria, viruses, mildew, mold, and more. This advanced, next-generation UV light technology is designed to protect your home and optimize indoor air quality, and it works with any residential system. UV light can benefit homes by eliminating harmful pathogens, bacteria, and viruses, creating a healthier environment. It can also reduce mold and allergens, improving indoor air quality and overall well-being.

  • Neutralizes pathogens, mildew, mold, viruses, and bacteria
  • Works with your filtration system to optimize indoor air quality
  • 100% ozone free
  • Operates 24/7 to disinfect drain pants, duct surfaces, and cooling coils
  • New, extended-life, 18,000 hour UV lamp

The Germicidal UV Light uses best-in-class UV light technology that includes a 24V power module and a DirectConnect™ custom design, allowing the lamp to be installed directly for optimal exposure.

  • Extended range power module operates over a range of 20V to 32V and offers 3000V surge protection
  • Custom magnetic bracket offers remote mount capability
  • Parabolic reflector lamp shield
  • Quick disconnect lamp connection enables easy replacement
  • PurifiTM works with real-time lamp status alerts (patent pending)