Everyone is looking for ways to save money today. Did you know that properly maintaining your HVAC systems in Town N Country, FL can have a huge impact on your energy bills each month? The professionals at Gulf Coast Air Systems can help you keep your systems in top shape so that you are always using energy efficiently. Let’s look at the top 3 ways homeowners lose money on HVAC energy efficiency.

Ignoring Maintenance

There is a tendency with home maintenance projects to ignore things. When home maintenance chores are ignored, though, it always winds up costing homeowners more in the long run. A properly maintained heating and air conditioning system will use less energy over time than a system that is not undergoing regular maintenance. Gulf Coast Air Systems can set you up with a routine HVAC tune-up schedule which will ensure that your system is always running at its most efficient. This translates into lower energy bills for you each month as your system uses less energy the more efficiently it works.

Ignoring Filter Changes

One of the easiest ways you can save money on your monthly energy bills in Town N Country, FL is by changing out your air filters regularly. Filters for your AC and heating system become dirty over time. When the filters are dirty, the system must run harder and harder to move air through. The harder your system works, the more energy it uses, and the higher your energy bill will be each month.

Changing air filters on a regular basis will ensure that air is moving freely so your system can use less energy, thereby saving you money on a monthly basis.

How often you should change your air filters will depend on a few different factors. Below you will find some good rules to go by.

  • Regular home with no pets: 90 days
  • Regular home with 1 pet: 60 days
  • Regular home with more than 1 pet: 20-45 days

Over time, regular filter changes will prolong the life of your system and save you money.

Ignoring Repairs

One of the fastest ways to wreck your air conditioning or heating system is to put off needed repairs. When something goes wrong with your system, it will not get better over time. The problem will usually get progressively worse. In the long run, ignoring needed repairs will cost you more money.

Gulf Coast Air Systems has been providing Town N Country, FL, and the surrounding areas with quality heating and air services since 1981. Our professionals can help you maintain your system to ensure years of reliable service. Our technicians are trained to evaluate your system quickly, provide an upfront and honest price quote, and respect your home and family during all service calls.

If you are in need of HVAC repair, maintenance, or installation services, please contact us at Gulf Coast Air Systems serving Town N Country, FL, and the surrounding areas. We will be happy to schedule an appointment for you today.