What to Do When Your AC Blower Motor Doesn’t Blow


There are a lot of parts to your air conditioning system, each one fulfilling an irreplaceable task. And while it is tempting to assume that they all work more or less to the same level, sometimes components break. All it takes is for one failure of a single aspect of the system to stop the entire operation from meeting its goals.

The blower motor runs a fan inside the home. It circulates the air that just had heat and moisture removed. This keeps your home cool and less humid, especially in these hot Tampa summers. Without it, you may have a system that fails the cooling test, and you get stuck with the results. Here are ways that you can tell your blower motor is causing big issues, and what you get when you call for professional air conditioning repair in Tampa.

Symptoms of a Bad Blower Motor

The thing about motors is that they try to let you know that something isn’t working. This usually comes in the form of lots of noise, and sometimes weird sounds or smells that you don’t expect. When your blower motor isn’t doing well, it will let you know with:

  • Noise while it’s operating
  • Minimal air flowing through vents
  • No blowing at all

The blower has several moving parts that can break down and will probably need replacement from time to time. A screeching sound could be a fan belt, while a clattering noise indicates that a part has come loose. No sound at all could have a variety of causes, but a failed blower motor is one of them. Keep in mind that the motor may make odd noises for some time before it completely dies. Be careful to avoid tuning it out, so that you don’t end up with a repair that costs more.

When to Call Gulf Coast for AC Repair in Tampa

It’s not always easy to tell what is wrong with your air conditioning. You might be able to determine if it is the outside part or the inside part of the split system. Beyond that, you’ll need an expert to inspect the system and help you outline your best options.

Contact Gulf Coast Air Systems when you first notice that the system seems to be off, whether it’s a slight decrease in cooling output or loud sounds and smells you can’t ignore. Our emergency AC Repair is designed to get your air conditioning back to full operating capacity, so that you don’t spend too much time missing your home comfort.

For all things AC repair in Tampa, you can count on Gulf Coast Air Systems to fix the problem. Give us a call at 813-689-2082 today for quality AC repair, maintenance, and replacement services.