Is Your AC Drain Line Clogged?

You may not know that a big part of air conditioning is the removal of humidity. That is, until your condensate drain line starts to have problems. There’s humidity in the air in any region, and the system can pull gallons of water per day from your indoor air. Most of the time, that condensation goes down the drain just like it is supposed to. But like any other pipe, it can get clogged with dirt, leaves or even ice.

If your system is freezing up or simply shutting off, you can’t wait for it to fix itself. Here’s how you can figure out what may be going on, as well as the benefits of hiring the AC repair Tampa homeowners choose when they need to beat the heat in a hurry.

How to Tell You Have a Clog

Although you may be dealing with dozens of gallons of water extracted from your home’s air each day, it shouldn’t turn your house into a swimming pool. That condensation rolls off gradually throughout the day. The drain pan underneath your evaporator coils, which are located inside your home, usually can handle it with ease. If the drain line gets blocked, the whole system is in jeopardy. Pay close attention and be ready to act if you notice:

  • Lousy cooling output, even if you turn down the thermostat
  • Constant cycling, which sounds like the machine is turning on and off quickly
  • Water leaks or ice buildup around the evaporator coils

You probably don’t need to be told that water and electricity don’t mix. A clogged drain line shuts off the system because the alternative might be destroying it. This is why you should take puddles around the unit very seriously. Your investment and your home comfort are on the line.

Why You Should Call for AC Repair in Tampa

Fixing the problem depends on the cause. If the pipe just got some dirt in it from your latest landscaping project, cleaning it up might be as easy as flushing the line. That’s the typical solution. However, if the drain line is getting stuck full of ice from your evaporator coils, you may need a completely different approach.

Hiring a technician to inspect your system’s operation and devise the right answer can help ensure that you don’t end up in the situation again in a week or two. Spending more time and a little more money to be certain you’ve fixed it could be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars later on.

For all things AC repair in Tampa, you can count on Gulf Coast Air Systems to fix the problem. Give us a call at 813-689-2082 today for quality AC repair, maintenance, and replacement services.