AC Repair Lithia, FL by Gulf Coast Air Systems

History of Lithia

AC Repair Lithia | The Lithia area was first settled in 1847, although it did not earn its present name until much later. The town was initially named Pelot after a traveling preacher. Around the turn of the century, an inhabitant noticed a strange taste to the town’s water and sent it to be tested. When a high concentration of lithium was found, and the town was given its present name. Early businesses in the area were primarily farms, sawmills, and turpentine distilleries. The area underwent many population fluctuations. Although the area had retained its agricultural identity until recently, development and growing nearby cities have turned this small community into a blank slate.


Lithia is located on the west side of Florida’s peninsula. The community sits about 18 miles to the south and east of Tampa. Two bodies of water fed by natural springs make up the area, and the Alafia River’s north and south prongs meet nearby. There are many other, smaller bodies of water including a reservoir. The Fishhawk Ranch is currently being developed into more housing and retail complexes.

Population and Demographics

Lithia has a population of 8,527, according to the 2000 census. Almost 70 percent of the households in the area are families. Residents of Lithia are predominantly Caucasian, with a Hispanic population of over 20 percent. The average age of Lithia residents is 32.8, with a mean income of $52,000, which is higher than Florida’s average.

Things To Do in Lithia

The most unique attraction of the area are the Lithia Springs, an area of stunning natural beauty and diverse wildlife. Lithia’s proximity to Tampa gives its residents access to sporting and cultural events in the city. Nature lovers can also explore Alderman’s Ford Regional Park, famous for its canoeing. The park also has facilities and trails for hiking, biking, fishing and picnicking.

Climate and Weather in Lithia

Temperatures in Lithia range over the year from 50 to 90 degrees, keeping above the national average. The area also experiences summer thunderstorms and even tornado activity higher than the rest of the state. Lithia’s weather stations report moderate to good air quality, and high levels of sunshine. Morning humidity levels remain around 90 percent year-round, which is well above the national average.

Gulf Coast Air Systems AC Repair Lithia, Florida

Efficient HVAC systems are vital due to Lithia’s extremely high humidity levels. Regular air conditioning services help units run more efficiently, which can help homeowners save money. Gulf Coast Air Systems is a one-stop-shop air conditioning company that has great emergency air conditioning repair services. Those who join Gulf Coast Air System’s Comfort Club will never have to wait for air conditioning repairs, and they will also receive regular air conditioning services for maintenance. Since Lithia is still growing, more homeowners may find that they will need an air conditioning unit installed in their new home. Gulf Coast Air Systems technicians are able to help guide new customers to find the best brand and model for their own unique needs.