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Plant City AC Repair | The Plant City area first saw settlers in the mid-1800s. It originally was called Ichepucksassa after the Native American village in the same area. However, the name caused so much confusion that the local postmaster renamed the town after his own home town of Cork. Later, in 1884, the railroad tycoon Henry B. Plant brought the South Florida Railroad to the town, adding to its growth. When the city was incorporated into Florida one year later, the town was again renamed in honor of Plant. The city was largely agricultural. While earlier farmers focused on cotton, recently the city has gained notice for switching to strawberries as the primary crop. Farmers from the area now provide almost all of the nation’s winter supply of strawberries.


Plant City lies in the Southern Flatwoods ecological area of the state, about 25 miles east of Tampa and an hour southwest of Orlando. The area is flat, with sandy soil. Plant City has soil that is notably more fertile than the surrounding areas, due to a high level of organic materials.

Population and Demographics

Plant City has a population of around 34,000. Slightly over half of the population is Caucasian, with Hispanics making up almost 30 percent. The median age of Plant City residents is 33, which is almost a decade younger than the average age of Florida.

Area Attractions

The largest draw of the city is the Florida Strawberry Festival, which is held in the early spring. The festival features live music and entertainment, midway rides and a Florida Strawberry Festival Queen and court. Plant City also has a Dinosaur World location, which holds over 150 animatronic dinosaur models. The park also features a museum, replica dinosaur skeletons and an area for aspiring paleontologists to sift for fossils. Plant City also has several sites and buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Plant City, FL Climate and Weather

Temperatures in Plant City range over the year from 50 to 90 degrees. From June through September, the area experiences high levels of precipitation. The morning humidity of the area stays around 90 percent throughout the year. The temperate conditions and regular precipitation of the area make it an ideal location for agriculture. However, the area does experience a higher rate of tornadoes than the rest of the state.

Plant City AC Repair by Gulf Coast Air Systems

High temperatures and high humidity can lead to oppressive weather conditions, which means that keeping your air conditioner functioning smoothly with regular air conditioning services is vital. Gulf Coast Air Systems offer both maintenance and air conditioning repair. Homeowners can take advantage of the company’s informative and easy-to-use website to answer any questions they may have about air conditioning service. We also offer a Comfort Club package for those who want regular upkeep as well as any emergency air conditioning repairs taken care of. Gulf Coast Air Systems provides impeccable customer service for Plant City residents.