Can animals get into my HVAC system?


Whether it’s extreme heat and cold or searching for food, animals can accidentally end up becoming trapped inside your HVAC System. The result can be a very scary experience for you and especially for the animal. Listed below are some ways you can attempt to prevent this and also what to do if the animal is already trapped in the air duct or another part of your HVAC system.


  • Go around your entire home and pick out any and all potential entry points. These can be air ducts, places around your A/C unit, or small crevices/gaps in your roof. Animals can also get into attics and crawl spaces.
  • You can also set traps to catch potential rodents from making a home in your home. Contact a professional to install these and/or pick them up once the critter is caught.

The animal is already trapped

  • If an animal is caught in your A/C unit, turn off the unit as soon as possible. Try to reduce any potential trauma for the animal.
  • Do you notice a particularly unpleasant smell coming from somewhere in your home? Try to locate it. Many animals tend to crawl into cornered spaces and this space might be your air ducts.
  • When you find the animal, and if you are comfortable, take further steps to remove the animal from wherever it’s located in your system.
  • We recommend you contact a professional animal control specialist to remove the animal. This will ensure there is no mishandling and damage done to the HVAC system and the animal is removed efficiently, properly, and as safely as possible.

Hopefully this introduction to intruding critters will help prevent any negative situations from occurring. It is always recommended that you contact a professional with any questions and concerns regarding the safety of your HVAC system, home and wildlife.

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