Duct Cleaning and Maintaining a Dust Free Environment

Dust Free Environment

As a Brandon homeowner, you want to know what you can do to improve your home’s indoor air quality, increase HVAC efficiency and maintain a dust free environment. Keeping a house dust free can be a challenge, but it’s a necessary step for keeping and maintaining a healthy and energy-efficient home.

Dust in the Filter

Every home energy system should include an air filter. Quality air filters capture the allergens and other airborne contaminants that naturally occur within your home, preventing them from finding their way into your HVAC equipment and being circulated throughout your home. While it’s the filter’s job to capture dust and other contaminants, it’s important for them to be regularly replaced. Clogged air filters restrict airflow from your heating and cooling equipment, reducing HVAC efficiency and increasing energy bills. This can have the additional negative impact of burning out fans and requiring premature service and equipment replacement.

Allergens and Your Health

Filters aren’t just great for your HVAC system; they’re also imperative for your health. While your heating system can burn up some dust through its heating cycle, it isn’t capable of removing all contaminants. Unfiltered contaminants are then circulated by your HVAC system into your indoor environment. This can trigger and exacerbate allergies and respiratory problems.

Hazardous Situations

While today’s furnaces have been made safer by a number of tested and improved technological advances, most of these appliances still use open flames during routine operation. Heavy densities of dust that are allowed to buildup can thus create a potentially dangerous situation. If you smell burning dust or suspect a fire within your system, contact an HVAC professional immediately.

Duct Cleaning

Professional cleaning of your home’s ductwork can help eliminate areas of significant duct buildup. Homeowners who have had their air ducts professionally cleaned will likely notice an improvement in indoor air quality, freshness and cleanliness.

To learn more about improving your indoor air quality and the efficiency of your HVAC equipment, contact your local HVAC experts at Gulf Coast Air Systems today.

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