The Top 10 Most Common AC Repairs for Home HVAC Systems

In a warm and humid climate like ours, air conditioning is an absolute necessity. That’s what makes AC repair such an important task. No matter how reliable your AC system is, you’re likely to run into one of these 10 common AC repairs. Read on and learn about each one, along with why such repairs are necessary in the first place.

Why Would I Need AC Repair?

Imagine your Tampa area home without air conditioning. A frightening image, right? But that’s what could happen if you skip out on AC repair. After all, a functioning AC system is crucial not just for keeping your home comfortable, but also preventing things like mold and mildew from taking hold throughout your home.

10 Most Common Repairs

1. Air Filter Replacement. You’d be amazed at how many Tampa homeowners forget to change their filters. Overdue air filters can clog up, choking off airflow to your HVAC system.

2. Refrigerant Refill. This usually happens after a leak. Your compressor, and the rest of your AC system for that matter, can’t run without refrigerant.

3. Coil Cleaning. Dirty coils can impact AC performance, lead to frozen coils and even trap corrosion-causing chemicals.

4. Capacitor Replacement. The capacitors in your AC system can fail suddenly, which could cause other components to fail afterward.

5. Compressor Repair/Replacement. Years of wear and tear (or a few months of neglect) can cause your AC compressor to break down suddenly.

6. Condensation Drain Repair. It’s not unusual for the condensation drain hose to clog up, usually due to debris, algae growth or buildup from mold or mildew.

7. Thermostat Replacement. When this unit breaks, it’s almost impossible to keep your home at your desired levels of comfort.

8. Blower Fan Repair or Replacement. A faulty blower fan means little to no airflow for your AC system.

9. Defrost Control Repair. Such a faulty unit could allow frost to build up inside your AC system, which could impact overall performance.

10. Fuse or Circuit Breaker Replacement. If this component fails or shorts out, then you have bigger electrical issues with your AC system.

Tips for Fast and Effective AC Repair

Consider these helpful tips the next time you need AC repair for your home’s HVAC system:

  • Act early and often. The sooner you have your AC repair taken care of, the sooner you can start enjoying cooling comfort again.
  • Avoid the DIY route for major AC repair. Fixing your own AC issues may seem faster and cheaper, but some issues can only be properly managed by a trained and experienced HVAC technician.

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