5 Common Myths about Air Conditioning

We all hear tips and stories told between family members and friends about HVAC systems. Often times, the should’s and should not’s that we hear and tell aren’t actually true. Detailed below are 5 common myths told about air conditioning.


1. Air conditioners are just machines that cool the air. Nope! While your A/C does cool down the air, that is not its only function. They also reduce humidity!
2. Using fans will keep your room cool. Not 100% true. Fans make you feel cooler with not actually cooling down a room’s temperature. If it’s cool outside, you can try putting a fan near the window to draw in and circulate cool air.
3. You don’t need to check the air filters. Completely false! You DO. The filter can eliminate nasty contaminates that might otherwise be floating around your home. Check your filter and check it often.
4. Setting your thermostat higher when you are away and lower when you are home is a myth! It actually will take the A/C unit longer and more energy to cool down your home this way. Try setting your temperature on a consistent, comfortable number.
5. You can fix your HVAC unit on your own and/or it is a waste of time and money to service your A/C. It is highly recommended by professionals to have your HVAC unit serviced at least annually. Allowing one minor problem left unattended for months could lend to costlier repairs down the road. Similarly, if you try repairing the machine yourself, you may accidentally damage another part of the unit.

Hopefully we have debunked a few common myths about air conditioners. If you have any questions regarding these or any other myths, please give us a call at 813-689-2082! Now is a great time to have your A/C serviced if you haven’t done so already this year! We are looking forward to meet your HVAC needs!

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