Is Your Condenser Fan Motor About to Blow?


When you turn on your air conditioning, you expect to hear and feel a predictable sensation. The first sound is the exterior unit starting up. This includes the condenser. The condenser takes high-pressure refrigerant gas and lets it release all the heat collected by the refrigerant’s trip through the interior evaporator coil. The fan blows air across the condenser coil to allow the heat to dissipate.

If that fan stops working, it prevents the cooling process. This means that the condenser can’t release the heat, which often equals no cooling in the home. With these tips and expert AC Repair in Tampa, you can find the source and get it solved promptly.

Signs of Fan Problems

The condenser fan works similarly to other fans you have seen. The motor powers the fan, which is a series of blades that turn to create wind. When the fan motor is faulty, there will be several obvious signs:

  • Fan turns on or off intermittently or at inappropriate times
  • Warm air blowing
  • Noisy fan
  • Burning smell

A burning smell is an indication that the motor is overheating or about to quit. And if you aren’t hearing any sound at all from the fan, the motor may have died completely.

Causes of Condenser Fan Issues

Every time your air conditioning technician recommends that you trim back hedges around the exterior unit, they are trying to minimize problems like this. Condenser fan motor problems can be caused by a variety of issues, including:

  • Poor airflow
  • Wrong size capacitor or fan blade
  • Failed condenser

Poor airflow can be pretty easy to solve, if your fan motor is not past saving. It is important to schedule air conditioning repair when you observe this kind of issue. As you can see, DIY fixes like replacing a bad capacitor or fan blade with the wrong part can cause even more problems than they solve.

Trust Gulf Coast for AC Repair in Tampa

Calling Gulf Coast Air Systems for AC maintenance is the key to avoiding parts like the fan motor becoming your waking nightmare. Good upkeep ensures that all parts have the right lubrication and that you know when the motor is on its way out. If you’re surprised by this problem, expert air conditioning repair is the ideal solution. One of our technicians can come to your home, inspect the system, determine all causes and outline repair or replacement needs. A thorough solution, rendered by someone with the skill and experience to do it right the first time, is the best way to confirm that you’re not likely to be back in the same boat two weeks later.

For all things AC repair in Tampa, you can count on Gulf Coast Air Systems to fix the problem. Give us a call at 813-689-2082 today for quality AC repair, maintenance, and replacement services.