Bad Relay or Contact in Your Air Conditioning

As a piece of machinery with certain parts that operate at high voltage, your air conditioning system needs to know when to turn on and off. Without that kind of control, you would have equipment that misfires and can even damage other components. Although you might not have heard of relays or contacts, they fill an important function in your cooling comfort. When they wear out or break down, you will notice a decrease in your air conditioning output and efficiency.

Fortunately, an expert technician from Gulf Coast Air Systems can inspect your system and get to the root cause, even if it is not obvious or there is more than one problem. Here are a few ways you can watch out for a bad relay or contact, and why AC Repair in Tampa is the best solution.

How to Spot a Bad Relay or Contact

Picture it: You hear your air conditioning click on, as it does several times an hour on a hot Florida day. Your system relies on a series of communications from the thermostat to the exterior unit. The relay tells the high voltage parts when to begin and end activity. So, what happens when the relay breaks down or the contacts get a loose connection? You start to notice these issues:

  • Air conditioning is on, but no cool air
  • The house is overly warm for the thermostat settings
  • Clicking sound coming from the unit
  • The whole system won’t turn on at all

Since your air conditioning is meant to work like a concert orchestra with every piece in the right time, it’s important not to guess. There are a variety of components that could cause these signs, and it is entirely possible that more than one is at fault. Relays are often cheap to replace and homeowners get tempted to do it on their own. If you do, you risk putting a hasty bandage on a much bigger problem.

Call Gulf Coast for AC Repair in Tampa


A faulty relay, or even a bad contact on a relay, can be a tricky problem that makes you think you are losing your grip. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes the air conditioning turns on for no reason. You may feel like you have lost all control over the machine. This is why air conditioning repair in Tampa is so vital. At Gulf Coast Air Systems, we can inspect your system, test out various components, and find everything that is going wrong. This makes it easier for you to know precisely what needs to be fixed, with a plan to get everything taken care of quickly and expertly.

For all things AC repair in Tampa, you can count on Gulf Coast Air Systems to fix the problem. Give us a call at 813-689-2082 today for quality AC repair, maintenance, and replacement services.