Air conditioning Tampa and indoor air quality

Excellent Indoor Air Quality Helps Your Air Conditioning in Tampa Bay Beat the Heat

Air conditioning Tampa and indoor air quality

Our air conditioning in Tampa works harder as the heat and sunlight cooks the air outside our homes. How can we maintain excellent indoor air quality? Here are three key ways we can tackle this issue:

  1. Deal with individual pollution sources – Emissions from household appliances such as stoves, and chemicals like cleaning products, all build up and release toxins into the air we breathe. Controlling these pollution sources effectively can make a real difference to the quality of the air in our homes. Regular servicing of appliances and reducing the usage of cleaners and solvents inside the house can dramatically cut irritants in the air.
  2. Ventilate – Increasing the amount of outdoor air coming into our home can make a significant contribution to achieving excellent indoor air quality. Straightforward measures like opening windows and doors can really help. Localized fans in specific rooms like bathrooms and kitchens where heat often builds up, can also be used. Sophisticated whole-house ventilation systems are now being installed in new homes, which can also offer energy efficiency benefits.
  3. Clean the air – Air filtration systems (also known as air cleaners) filter dust and irritants from the air. Costs vary depending on size – table top models are cheaper but less efficient, while whole-house systems are more expensive but more effective at collecting pollutants from the air. It is important to point out that although air cleaners can deal with irritants such as dust and pollen, they are not designed to remove dangerous gases, like radon, from the air.

Excellent indoor air quality is important from a health perspective, and should not be overlooked. Health threats of poor quality air include a higher risk of pneumonia, aggravation of asthma symptoms and long term linkages with serious conditions such as heart disease and cancer. With that in mind, it’s worth having a chat with an expert. With over 30 years experience serving the Tampa Bay area, Gulf Coast Air Systems can be relied upon to help you get the indoor air quality you deserve in your home. Contact us today!

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