Prepare Your Air Conditioning System for Vacation

Prepare Your Air Conditioning System Before Leaving on Vacation

Prepare Your Air Conditioning System for VacationFor real peace of mind while you’re on vacation, just turning off your heating system and locking the door isn’t enough. Before you leave, take the time to properly prepare your home so you don’t come back to any unpleasant surprises.

  • Lower the heat – Even in the Brandon and Valrico area’s mild winters, frozen pipes are still a possibility. To prevent frozen pipes and appliances, set the heat system thermostat to at least 55 degrees. Don’t turn off the heat completely, though. A low heating bill still costs a lot less than flood repair.
  • Consider an inspection – Your annual heating system inspection is best scheduled for before your vacation so your system will run trouble-free while you’re gone. At the very least, make sure the air filter, air registers and return air grilles are clean.
  • Prepare the water heater – If you’ll be on vacation for less than a month, turn your water heater to the lowest setting or the “vacation” setting. If you’ll be gone for a longer period, it’s better to turn off the water supply and drain the plumbing completely.
  • Unplug your electronics – When left plugged in, electrical devices draw power and pose a fire risk, however small. To save energy and keep your home safe while you’re on vacation, unplug the devices in your entertainment center, your computer peripherals, cell phone chargers and any other item drawing standby power.
  • Check in while you’re away – Use an app to link your webcam to your smartphone so you can monitor your home remotely. If there’s an intruder, weather damage or a problem with your heating or plumbing, you’ll find out quickly so you can address the problem before it gets worse.

For more tips on keeping your heating system in shape, contact us at Gulf Coast Air Systems. We’re proud to serve homeowners in the Brandon, Lithia and Sun City Center area.

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