Putting Off Replacing the AC? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

Putting Off Replacing the A/C

You’d like to get the most out of your current air conditioning system. However, your older AC may be at the end of its rope and in need of replacement. Replacing the AC with a newer, energy-efficient model will not only lower your annual energy costs, but also help you avoid expensive service calls and repairs down the line.

Reasons to let go

Whenever your AC system stops working as it should, it’s only natural that you call on a certified technician to repair it. It’s the sensible solution in most cases, but the costs of AC repairs can quickly add up as the system ages. Systems that are more than 10 years old run the greatest risk of breaking down unexpectedly, usually due to aging hardware and operating stresses.

Keeping an older system around seems economical, but you can easily spend hundreds of dollars on emergency repairs. If the cost of repairing your AC exceeds 50 percent of its value, it’s time you start thinking about replacing the air conditioner.

Another good reason to let go of your current AC system is the R-22 refrigerant phaseout. By 2020, manufacturers will end production of virgin R-22, making it more expensive to recharge HVAC systems reliant on R-22.

Replacing the A/C today: Why it might be a good idea

Today’s A/C units are better and more efficient than ever before. Advanced technologies featured in the newest systems provide excellent home comfort while lowering energy costs. The latest A/C systems now feature chlorine-free R-410A as an energy efficient and more environmentally-friendly alternative to R-22. By having a new A/C installed sooner rather than later, you can also take advantage of tax credits designed to recoup the costs of installation.

Putting off replacing the A/C isn’t a money-saving tactic. It’s simply staving off the inevitable while spending more money in the process.

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