Signs of wear and tear on your air ducts

As the seasons are changing, we are getting into the coldest weather of the year. This takes a toll on our air ducts. This is the time to check on your air ducts. There are some signs to tell when your air ducts are ready to be inspected.

Signs of wear and tear on your air ducts

1. Uneven temperatures around the house.
If walking around your house and you notice places warmer or cooler than the rest, you may be losing air somewhere in your system.

2. Dusty smell or noticing more dust around the house.
Dust can get out and buildup throughout your house when there is a leak in your air ducts.

3. A weak flow of air coming out of the vent.
There are many possibilities for a decrease of air pressure coming out of your vents but the most common is an air duct leak.

4. Energy usage at its high peak.
If your house is using more energy than normal, your HVAC system will be working harder to achieve the temperature that you have set.

5. Loose HVAC parts.
If you are not the first-time owner of your house, you are not aware of all the damage and the possible loose parts that could be in your system due to poor installation.

The best way to make sure that your HVAC system is ready for the upcoming weather changes is to call the professionals. Gulf Coast Air Systems is able to come out and do a full inspection for you! We will be able to let you what can be done to get your system running at its best. Schedule your appointment at (813) 708- 9912!

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