Tips to Save Energy at Home

A lot of energy is wasted in a typical home. Most people do not realize how much is wasted and what they can do to cut back on the waste. Saving energy reduces your utility bills, and it helps to preserve our planet. It is easy to implement the following tips to save energy at home.

Home tips to save energy

Tips to Save Energy


  • Turn your water heater down. The water heater is one of the biggest energy-users in your home. Turning it down to 120 degrees can save you cash, and you’ll still have plenty hot enough water.
  • Use Energy Star certified products. Appliances and other products that carry the Energy Star label have gone through special testing for energy efficiency. Whenever you need to replace anything, whether it’s a light bulb or a new air conditioner, check for a model that is Energy Star certified.
  • Seal air leaks. Do you feel drafts or hear the wind whistling near doors and windows? Even small air leaks rob your home of heating or cooling and adversely affect your budget.
  • Use a programmable thermostat. These allow you to choose energy-saving temperatures for when you’re away from home or for other times when you don’t need the home as cool or warm.
  • Add insulation. Heat loss during the winter and heat gain during summer months are big sources of energy loss. Adding insulation is one of the most important things you can do to curb this problem.
  • Turn electrical items off. The television, lights, computer and radio are all items that people commonly leave on even after leaving an area. Get into the habit of turning off all electronics when you’re leaving a room unless you plan to come back quickly. If you’re leaving for more than a day or two, unplug everything that you don’t want running while you’re gone.

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