When to Know When You Need AC Repair

When your AC is great, your life is pretty wonderful. If it’s not, you need AC Repair in Tampa. The good news is that you can usually tell there’s a problem. Here are a few ways to know.

When to Keep an Eye on Your AC


You probably don’t pay a lot of attention to your air conditioning. It’s built to work without you having to turn it on and off every day, and that’s partly why it is such a great system. If you lead a relatively busy life, it can be easy to completely forget that it exists. That is, until you get some common AC problems. Like your car, your refrigerator and your knees, your AC will work like it should until it doesn’t. And like the rest of your home, it will try to tell you that something is about to go very wrong:

  • Shutting off before reaching the right temperature
  • Leaving condensation on the windows (or worse, the walls)
  • Cooling one room much better than the others
  • Making strange noises during operation

Air conditioning is a sensory experience, so it’s important to pay attention to your senses when they give you an alert. A feeling of high humidity might be an indicator that your AC isn’t working at peak output. A stuffy room probably is not getting the level of ventilation it needs from your HVAC system. A hot room needs better cooling. It’s too easy to ignore it and hope that it will clear up on its own. Without a fix, however, it will almost certainly get worse.

When to Call for AC Repair

There’s a big difference between an air conditioning system that still works mostly, and one that won’t even turn on. If you miss the warning signs, or if you have a big issue come on suddenly, you probably will not have any choice but to notice what happens next. You’ll definitely want to schedule AC Repair if you observe:

  • No air coming out the vents
  • Warm air circulating
  • Ice or leaking water from any part of the system
  • Tripped circuit breaker, while your power is working normally
  • Noise coming from the refrigerant line

On occasion, the fix for a big problem is simple. Most of the time, it can be more complicated than you expect. It’s wise to set a threshold for repairs versus replacement. Older systems may cost almost as much to fix as buying a new AC system. In that case, you’re probably better off replacing it. Newer systems with a straightforward fix might be less costly to repair. In any case, take a look at your warranty to see if you have any coverage for the problem part. There’s no guarantee that your warranty will cover the repairs, but if it does, you might save money.

If you keep an eye on your air conditioning throughout the year, you can often spot a problem before it becomes a nightmare. To schedule expert AC Repair, contact us at Gulf Coast Air Systems.

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