3 Precautions to Take When a Storm Hits


Although the first tropical storm has already occurred this year (remember Hurricane Alex??) hurricane season typically occurs between June 1-November 30. Multiple meteorologists are anticipating the amount of this season’s storms to be above average. However, there is no real correlation between number of storms and number of U.S. landfalls. So it’s kind of up in the air what type of season we will actually have.

Amid the unknown there are a few solid facts for what you can do to ensure your HVAC system is ready for a storm.

1) Be sure you’re A/C unit has had a preventative HVAC check. This will catch any potential issues before it’s too late.

2) Before the storm hits, unplug all electrical units in case there is a power outage or shortage. Additionally, turn off the A/C unit breaker. This will reduce the possibility of damage to the system, which could be costly. It will also decrease the chance of the circuits or fuse box blowing when electricity is restored.

3) It is equally as important to take precautions with the exterior of your unit. Use tarps to protect the unit from objects being thrown about by the wind or even board up the unit to protect it from strong winds, debris, and lightning strikes.

The most important piece of information we can give is for you to be safe. If you have any questions about hurricane prep or to schedule an HVAC check, please call us at (813) 708-9912.