3 Reasons Florida Homeowners Opt for a Ductless System


If you ask someone who uses a ductless system what they like about it, you may hear a long list of advantages and accolades. Ductless systems are efficient, quiet, offer point-of-use conditioning and boost indoor air quality. To be fully convinced going ductless is for you, consider the three reasons which ductless systems were originally designed.

Versatile Installation

Ductless systems are designed to be flexible when it comes to installation, design options and project specifications. Like a conventional forced-air heat pump or A/C, ductless mini- or multi-splits have an outdoor compressor/condenser unit, indoor air handling unit (AHU) and refrigerant lines that connect the indoor and outdoor components.

However, unlike large conventional forced-air systems, the refrigerant lines of ductless systems are housed inside a thin conduit that may extend 100 feet or more between the indoor AHU and the outside unit. No air ducts are needed.

No Ducts? No Problem

Many older homes were constructed without air ducts. Or, perhaps the specifications of your project aren’t favorable to extending air ducts into the new addition or retrofitted space. No problem. The thin conduit also houses the power supply for the AHU, and it contains the condensate tubing. You may save valuable square footage by not using air ducts, and save energy, too, with point-of-use cooling and heating.

Accommodating Design

Ductless mini- and multi-split systems are excellent solutions for cooling and heating one room, two rooms or an entire floor or home. The AHU offers four basic mounting options to accommodate practically any interior space and design plans.

  • A universal mount places the AHU on the surface of a ceiling, wall or floor.
  • A recessed mount locates the AHU in a drop ceiling or wall recess.
  • The AHU may be entirely concealed inside ceiling, wall and floor cavities. The diffuser is mounted flush to the surface, which offers the smooth look of a conventional system.
  • A flex-duct uses a short concealed duct run to increase airflow coverage for larger rooms.

For more details about choosing ductless systems for your Brandon are home, please contact Gulf Coast Air Systems.

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