Do You Need a New Heat Pump? The Telltale Signs

Do You Need a New Heat Pump? The Telltale SignsHeat pumps are designed to provide many years of reliable home comfort. Age, however, is not the only criteria you should use to decide if it’s time for a new heat pump. A well-maintained system that’s 10 or 15 years old may still be perfectly functional. Before making the decision to replace your equipment, look for one or more of the following signs to make sure your heat pump is actually nearing the end of its useful life.

  • Efficiency is decreasing: Heat pumps are extremely efficient and economical sources of home heating and cooling. As a heat pump ages, however, it will become less efficient and less able to keep your home comfortable at the price you’ve come to expect. If your heating and cooling bills have suddenly or unexpectedly increased and you can’t tie the increase to factors such as extreme weather or additional use of the system, it may be time to consider a new heat pump. Have preventive maintenance performed on the system before replacing it, however. If a tuneup boosts efficiency and lowers your costs back to expected levels, you can count on your heat pump to keep working.
  • Repairs are needed more frequently: All mechanical systems will eventually need repair, but a heat pump that breaks down more than two or three times in a year may be showing signs of problems that will lead to a malfunction that your HVAC professional can’t fix. If repair costs approach or exceed half the cost of a new heat pump, it’s time to make the switch to a new system.
  • Heating or cooling is inconsistent: Your heat pump should be able to provide reliable, consistent levels of heating and cooling throughout your home. If some rooms or areas are hotter or colder than they should be, a replacement heat pump may be the best solution.

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