Installing Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Protect Against Lethal Poisoning by Installing Carbon Monoxide Detectors with your Air Conditioner in Tampa


First and foremost, the safety of your family should always be your primary concern. One way to protect your loved ones is to install carbon monoxide detectors around your home to detect dangerous levels of the deadly gas. Let’s take a look at the symptoms of CO poisoning and a few guidelines of installation.

Don’t Take Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Lightly

Many homeowners don’t seem to take carbon monoxide poisoning seriously. You don’t hear about it too much because it isn’t always lethal, and when it is, there’s often little fanfare behind it. A carbon monoxide leak can exist undetected because the gas has no natural smell, which explains its label as the “the invisible killer.” Even if a leak doesn’t end up being deadly, the symptoms can be frightening. You may experience lightheadedness, headaches, vomiting and more. With a severe or prolonged leak, you may fall asleep and never wake up. This is why it must not be ignored.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors Will Give You Peace of Mind

It’s important that you realize the gravity of the situation when it comes to CO poisoning. The good news is that the installation of carbon monoxide detectors will keep you safe. The guidelines to installation are simple.

  • In a two-story home, you need at least one on each floor.
  • Install a detector within 15 feet of each bedroom.
  • Keep the device away from sources of carbon monoxide such as your gas oven or water heater.

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