When You Should Consider Professional Duct Cleaning Services


Unlike other HVAC maintenance tasks that need to be performed semi-annually or yearly, duct cleaning needs to be done less often in most homes, or under certain circumstances such as noticeable mold growth and post-rodent infestation, or if the ducts are showing signs of built-up dirt or debris.

Dirty or debris-laden ducts will compromise HVAC efficiency, and also may affect your whole-house comfort and indoor air quality.

Signs or Scenarios Warranting a Duct Cleaning

The following signs or scenarios indicate a duct cleaning is in order.

  • You have just moved into an older home and have no records indicating the ducts have been cleaned
  • Dust and dirt are visible on the outside of your air vents
  • You have recently eradicated a rodent infestation
  • There is evidence of mold growth on or around your duct system
  • Your home has recently been constructed or you have just completed a remodel or renovation

Instructions for DIY Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning can be a DIY job only if the rodent infestation is completely eliminated, mold hasn’t taken over your entire system, and/or your ducts are relatively easy to access.

  1. Turn off the power to your HVAC system and don a pair of gloves.
  2. Remove access covers and clean them with warm water and mild soap. Let them dry completely before re-installing them.
  3. Use your vacuum-cleaner hose and a long attachment to vacuum out any of the larger debris and dust. You may want to use duct tape to secure the attachment, ensuring it doesn’t fall off in the duct.
  4. Use a damp rag to wipe down interior duct surfaces. Use this opportunity to inspect your ducts. If you see anything that looks abnormal or troublesome, contact a professional HVAC contractor to investigate.

If you are not a DIYer, you notice excessive mold growth, or you are unable to access portions of your ductwork, duct cleaning is best left to the professionals. Once your ducts are clean, replace the air filter for a fresh start.

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