Ceiling Fans Reduce Cooling Costs

With the Right Ceiling Fan, Controlling Your Cooling Costs Is a Breeze

Ceiling Fan

You know your air conditioning system will keep your home cool this summer, but there’s a surprising and efficient addition you can make to your cooling equipment. Combining a ceiling fan with air conditioning will lower your monthly utility bills and keep your indoor living spaces more comfortable than air conditioning alone.

Ceiling fans increase the circulation of air in your home, which helps with distribution of cool air from your air conditioning system. In addition, the air currents produced by a ceiling fan will cool you directly as the air makes contact with your body, much like a refreshing outdoor breeze. By using a ceiling fan, you can make a room feel about four degrees cooler than its actual temperature.

To get the best results, ceiling fans should be set to direct airflow downward in the summer. These downdrafts will help redistribute cool air that has settled near the floor, and will improve overall air circulation in the room.

Larger ceiling fans produce higher levels of air circulation. In general, rooms up to 144 square feet will require a 42-inch ceiling fan, rooms up to 225 square feet a 44-inch fan, and rooms up to 400 square feet a 52-inch fan. Rooms larger than 400 square feet will probably need more than one medium-sized fan to produce sufficient airflow.

Ceiling fan mountings must be secure and stable to withstand the weight and the constant motion of the fan blades. Mount fans to ceiling light-fixture boxes for best performance.

Provide sufficient room to accommodate the ceiling fan blades. They should be used in rooms with ceilings of 8 feet or higher. Fan blades should be well above head height, usually 7 feet or higher. There should be at least 18 inches of clearance between blade tips and walls.

In the Tampa Bay area, Gulf Coast Air Systems is a leading source of heating, cooling and ventilation services, with more than 30 years of professional experience. Contact us today for more information on using ceiling fans in combination with air conditioners and for help finding a ceiling fan that will work best for your home cooling needs.

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