Stopping Summer Heat Gain Before It Gets the Better of You

Stopping Summer Heat Gain Before It Gets the Better of You

The Florida summer still has plenty of heat to deliver, and as temperatures remain high, so will the effects from summer heat gain. Heat gain is the accumulation of excess heat in a building either from natural or man-made sources, ranging from sunlight shining through the windows to heat from appliances and light bulbs.

When heat builds up inside your home, your air conditioner will work harder to compensate for it, which will increase your monthly energy bills. A cooling system with additional stress placed on it is also likely to break down sooner. Here are some practical suggestions you can use to reduce the effects of heat gain, keep you home more comfortable, and reduce your summer cooling bills.

  • Apply a light-colored coating or reflective material to your roof to reflect sunlight away. This will help prevent excessive heat build-up in your home’s attic.
  • Insulate the attic to reduce heat accumulation. Uninsulated attics can become extremely hot in the summer. This heat will radiate downward and increase indoor temperatures. Insulate the attic roof, floor and walls with fiberglass or spray foam insulation.
  • Install an attic fan or ventilation system to increase air circulation in the attic. This will vent away heat and moisture while bringing cooler outdoor air inside.
  • Limit the use of cooking ovens and stoves, especially during the day when outdoor temperatures are at their highest. Revise your schedule to run heat-generating appliances such as clothes dryers at night or in the evening when temperatures have fallen.
  • Replace standard incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent (CFL). CFL bulbs burn cooler and use less energy.
  • Close curtains and drapes to keep sunlight from streaming into your home and generating heat. Use window shades and blinds to block additional sunlight.
  • Use trees to reduce summer heat gain. Leafy deciduous trees planted near your home will provide shade in the summer when they mature.

Gulf Coast Air Systems has more than 30 years of experience serving Tampa Bay area residents with professional heating, ventilation and cooling services. Contact us today for more information on reducing summer heat gain in your home to help keep your living area cool and comfortable.

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