Humidity and your HVAC System


During the summer months, a humidity level below 60% is recommended by experts. High humidity can cause mold growth or moisture related issues and can even lead to health and comfort problems. Moisture-filled air causes A/C to run longer. Luckily, modern A/C units dehumidify as they cool. To lessen need for dehumidification: do not set thermostat to the “fan on” position, use exhaust fans during moisture-producing activities and do not open windows or use ventilate cooling when it’s too humid outside.

Carrier Air Conditioners can provide you with a method of removing the humidity from the air in your home, when paired with a Carrier Furnace. The air conditioner will turn on with the fan blowing very slowly so that the air passes through system slowly and the humidity is then efficiently removed from the air. Effectively managing the humidity levels in your home will result in your HVAC system running smoothly and efficiently.