What to Expect During a HVAC Maintenance Visit

As the temperature outside is getting colder and colder, the more we need our HVAC systems working properly. If something isn’t working right, you should call and get a technician out as soon as possible. Here is a little run down of what to expect when they come to your house for a HVAC maintenance visit.

HVAC maintenance visit

1. They will do an overall system check. This is how they will find the issue. By checking that all of the systems are running smoothly, they can pinpoint where your systems issues are stemming from.
2. They will conduct a safety check. Your safety is very important to the technician, so they will take the steps to make sure there is nothing that can become a safety issue. Anything that could involve carbon monoxide is one of the key things they are looking for in this safety check.
3. Repairing the issues they see. If it is a minor issue, they will be able to do it right there on the spot. When there are major repairs required or more work than anticipated, they will notify you and in some cases may need to set up another time to return with additional parts and/or help.
4. They will do cleaning to the equipment that would be tough for you to get. It is normal in a maintenance visit for the technician to clean the HVAC system.
5. There will be time allotted for questions. When they are all finished, they will come and discuss with you all that took place. This is the time that if you have any questions they will go over them with you and give you the answers you are looking for.
6. Lastly, the technician will give you a written report. Once all the questions are answered and everything is reviewed with you, the technician will provide you with a written report of all that went on while at your visit. It will include what they did, a number to reach them and a great reference to keep handy if there is a time in the future that you give them another call.

Whether you have a brand-new HVAC system or an older HVAC system, knowing what goes on during an air conditioning maintenance visit is very important. This article will help you be well prepared and ready when your technician rings your doorbell for the HVAC maintenance visit.

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