The Importance of an Air Filter

The Importance of an Air Filter

Air filters are a very important part to your HVAC system but they’re often overlooked. An air filter filters the air that goes through your heating and air conditioning systems. It may just look like a card board box but really it is made with special materials to make sure the air is filtered out in just the right way. An air filter catches pollen, dust, mold, hair, animal fur, and all sorts of bacteria! The way that it works is the materials in the filter (which include spun fiberglass) is there when the air gets pushed into the system and it is able to catch all of the contaminants from getting into your house.

Dirty or clogged air filters are one of the main causes of HVAC problems. It is important to stay on top of replacing your air filter and making sure that you are consistent in the timing that you do so. When the filter is dirty, it makes the HVAC system work harder to push the air through your house. It also can cause the air ducts to become clogged and in result, damage the entire HVAC system.

Air conditioning air filters are very important. They keep your house from flowing with contaminants that could harm your family and pets. Make sure you keep an eye on your filters and know that replacing them is a very easy task. If you have any question about it just give us a call. We can even send a technician over to help you out!

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