Mitigating Heat Gain for More Comfort

Heat Gain: Get a Handle on It for More Comfort in Your Brandon Home

Mitigating Heat Gain for More Comfort

While much of the nation is figuring out ways to heat their homes, Florida homeowners are still working on ways to mitigate heat gain. Unchecked heat gain will cause your interior temperatures to soar, making your cooling system work that much harder to keep your home at your desired thermostat setting. The good news is you can get a handle on it by incorporating the following tips:

  1. Consider your home’s orientation. If you are in the process of building your home, take your lot and home orientation into consideration. Since southern and western exposures run the hottest, you will want to keep these walls and windows protected or at an angle.
  2. Choose energy-efficient windows. Windows are one of the largest causes of heat gain and loss in your home. When it’s time to replace your windows, select energy-efficient versions with low-e coatings that reduce UV light penetration. Energy-efficient (preferably displaying the Energy Star) windows have superior insulation and glare protection, and can save as much as 15 percent of your energy costs, more if you’re replacing old single-pane windows. Act now to take advantage of 2013 federal energy tax credits.
  3. Add an over-hang. Another way to protect your walls and windows from direct sunlight is to build over-hangs, or add awnings. These keep direct rays off your home during afternoon hours when the sun’s rays are strongest.
  4. Use shading techniques. Use landscaping to create shading on the most exposed areas of your house. Tall trees and shrubs will protect these surfaces from direct sunlight, which can have a dramatic cooling effect.
  5. Don’t forget the window treatments. Invest in window treatments that are designed to insulate, as well as protect your home from solar glare. For example, blinds with a honeycomb pattern create a barrier that slows down heat transfer while allowing natural light to infuse your livings spaces. Make sure you remember to close your blinds and shades during the brightest portions of the day to maximize your savings.

For more information on how to get a handle on heat gain in your Tampa Bay area home, contact Gulf Coast Air Systems. We’ve provided superior HVAC service for more than three decades.

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