Maintaining Your Air Conditioning Year Round

Keep Maintaining Your Air Conditioning, Even as the Weather Cools Off

Maintaining Your Air Conditioning Year Round

Do you want your air conditioning system ready for peak performance next spring? If so, here are some simple tasks you can do this fall to keep your system maintained and running efficiently beyond next spring and summer.

What HVAC Professionals Recommend

If your HVAC system is properly cared for during the cooler months, then your system will be ready to keep you and your family comfortable during the hottest of summer days without driving your utility bills through the roof. Just follow these simple tasks that most HVAC professionals recommend.

  1. Hose down – Give your outdoor system a good wash with a garden hose. This will clear away crusty dirt and debris from the outside of your system.
  2. Clean coils – After you wash down the outside, clean the coils. Blocked fan blades and coils in your outdoor cooling unit can cause your system to work harder than it’s designed to and could lead to a breakdown. Hose down the blades and coils and apply a nylon brush or broom to gently clear away all debris.
  3. Change filter – After your cooling system has dried, change your filter one last time.
  4. Drain water hoses – Be sure to close any water shut-off valves after you drain your hoses.
  5. Cover the unit – After your system is completely dry, lay a sheet of plywood over it or drape a cover over it. This protects your unit from inclement weather. You’ll want to protect your system from the late season tropical storm that the 2014 Farmer’s Almanac has forecast to hit Florida in mid-November.
  6. Schedule a tune-up – Just like your car needs regular tune-ups to keep it running for many years, your cooling system should have a tune-up every spring. Therefore, schedule an A/C tune-up next spring.

When you need more information about keeping your HVAC system in peak shape for next spring and beyond, contact the pros at Gulf Coast Air Systems. For more than 30 years, we’ve proudly served the residents of Tampa Bay and the surrounding area.

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