The Saharan Air Layer & Your HVAC System

The Saharan Air Layer

The Saharan Air Layer (SAL) is a mass of air with strong winds, a high concentration of dry air, and dust particles connected with the Sahara Desert in Africa. It is a feature of tropical weather during the summer and fall. This air layer is diluted as it travels east to west.

As it brings dry air along with it, rain coverage is reduced in areas near the layer. The temperatures in Florida usually increases a bit and the air layer affects the tropical storms in the Atlantic. As of July 6th, there are no active storms in the Atlantic, a contribution of the Saharan Air Layer.

So how does all this affect you and your HVAC system? It’s important to be mindful of the ever-changing Floridian weather in order to effectively prepare and protect your home and HVAC system. To deal with the heat, check if your A/C is in a shaded area. Bushes, trees and shrubs can be planted about 2 feet around the unit. Our blog post about healthy A/C units has some great tips for the heat and keeping good care of your air conditioner.

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