What does a quality air conditioning installation look like?


According to Energy Star, if an air conditioning unit is not installed properly, you can decrease its efficiency by up to 30%. Additionally, a poor installation can result in higher energy costs, a shorter lifespan of A/C components, poor home comfort, and higher initial equipment costs. Below you can find a great list of what a quality air conditioner installation looks like.

  • Equipment is properly designed and sized. Different sized houses require different sized A/C units. Oversized equipment can lead to unnecessary cycles and a reduction in airflow.
  • Ducts should be assessed and improved. Any leaks can affect the measure of cooled air generated by the air conditioner and lead to a loss in energy money.
  • Airflow is optimized. If this is not functioning properly, it could result in higher utility bills, overly damp air and shortened equipment life. If the airflow is too low, not enough cool air will move into and around your home.
  • Refrigerant is installed. Charging the system helps reduce energy consumption and decreases the chance of a system failure.

Hopefully this is a good introduction guide to what to keep an eye out for during an air conditioner installation. To schedule an installation or tune up with Gulf Coast Air Systems, please give us a call at 813-689-2082!

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