How a Thermostat Is Replaced in a House


Heating and cooling represent a significant portion of the energy use in your home. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, adjusting your thermostat to a less energy-intensive setting when you are asleep or away from home is a good way to save money. Installing a programmable thermostat will allow you to do this automatically. Almost anyone can replace a home thermostat; it is a simple procedure requiring only a few simple hand tools.

Before you start, consider whether your air conditioning system is in good shape. If you have any concerns, now is the time to consult a heating and air conditioning professional. When you’re ready, these are the steps to take.

How a thermostat is replaced in a house

First, it is essential to turn off the power to your heating and air conditioning systems. This will eliminate any chance of you getting shocked. Next, remove the old body; it will usually come off quite easily. Most likely, you will be looking at a mounting plate now with wires connected to terminals labeled with letters. Do yourself a favor and label the wires using some tape and a pen. Once you disconnect the wires, you will probably need to remove some screws to take off the mounting plate.

Now it’s time to install the new thermostat; you will start with the mounting plate. You may have to mark and drill holes for the mounting screws. Next, connect the wires to their corresponding terminals. If your new thermostat needs batteries, put them in now, and then snap it onto the mounting plate. Finally, turn the power back on to your heating and air conditioning systems. Programming your new thermostat comes next. Consult your instruction manual for the proper procedures.

Of course, the best way to ensure that your thermostat is installed properly is to enlist the expertise of a professional. If you have any questions about how a thermostat is replaced in a house, or any other heating and cooling issues, contact Gulf Coast Air Systems. We’ve served the Tampa Bay area since 1981. Come visit us at 5411 Comfort Way, and remember, our address says it best.

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