8 Tasks Your HVAC Technician Should Be Performing and Why

Your HVAC technicians should be preforming these 8 tasks when visiting your home!

  1. Cleaning or replacing the air filter – Doing this keeps dust and other allergens from spreading around your home.
  2. Cleaning and inspecting the blower motor – The blower disperses the chilled air over the evaporator in the A/C unit. A dirty blower motor can cause the motor to overheat.
  3. Testing the safety controls on the HVAC system – This task ensures all components of the system are working 100% as intended and most efficiently.
  4. Inspecting the burner on the furnace – The burner creates the heat making it essential for this part to work properly.
  5. Testing pressure switches – Pressure switches make sure the system is HVAC working properly.
  6. Inspecting ductwork and sealing any leaks – Leaks could result in great damage so it is very important to catch any early issues.
  7. Systems check – The technician can reach into places in the HVAC system the average homeowner should not.
  8. Preventative steps – Recommend DIY tips to keep things in good working order until next visit

Tips for A/C Unit: (Make sure power is turned off completely before working in the machine!)

  • Shut off power to conserve electricity
  • Remove debris
  • Use a hose to clean the fins (do not use a power washer)
  • Gently straighten bent fins with a butter knife – this helps regulate air flow
  • Remove any plants or debris that may have built up around the unit – this also assists in better air flow
  • Keep the unit level to increase the life of the compressor

Remember, it is important to have air conditioning maintenance performed on your units by a professional at least once a year to keep everything in good working order.

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