Energy-Efficient Tampa Bay Air Conditioning

Energy-Efficient Tampa Bay Air Conditioning: Your Mutually Reliant Systems

For homes in the warm Gulf Coast area, energy-efficient Tampa Bay air conditioning climate control systems can make a big difference in utility bills, and in your overall home comfort level. A whole-house approach, in which each part of the energy system is evaluated individually for its impact on the whole, is the ideal way to maintain maximum efficiency and comfort. You can think of a whole-house approach similarly to an automobile, in that a deficiency in one part of the vehicle’s equipment can cause the performance of the whole to be compromised.

  • Opt for Energy Star – For the big pieces of the inter-related home efficiency puzzle like heating furnaces, water heaters and A/C units, it is always best to opt for Energy Star certified equipment. With this certification, you can be confident that the efficiency of your system is working from a strong base.
  • Seal air leaks, maintain ductwork and add insulation – Another important aspect of the whole-house approach to an energy-efficient home is minimizing leaks and optimizing insulation use. By avoiding the exchange of indoor and outdoor air, you allow the rest of the system to operate more efficiently by using less energy to do its job. The sealing process involves using weather-stripping and caulk to seal any places where air is exchanged between the inside and outside, such as doors, windows and vents. Ductwork should also be regularly maintained, as up to 35 percent of your system’s cooling capacity can be lost due to leaks and other ductwork issues. Properly installed insulation in all areas of the home is also vital to efficiency.
  • Lights and other appliances – Just as with HVAC equipment, purchasing efficient, modern lighting and appliances will make a positive difference in the efficiency of the system. Even something as simple as switching to efficient, fluorescent lightbulbs is a great place to start.

For assistance in developing an efficiency plan for your home system, along with installation and maintenance of your HVAC system, contact the pros at Gulf Coast Air Systems, serving Tampa Bay and surrounding areas for more than three decades.

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