Air Conditioner Problems Checklist

Air Conditioner Problems and Solutions Checklist: Find Yours Here

Air Conditioner Problems Tampa Checklist

The proper installation of an air conditioning unit makes a significant impact in the life of that cooling system. Sometimes issues aren’t apparent for a while after the installation. It’s important to have a routine service checkup to keep your air conditioning unit maintained and running efficiently. Still, air conditioner problems are to be expected occasionally. Here are a few common problems and solutions associated with air conditioner units.

  • Sensor problems — If you suspect such air conditioner problems as an abnormal cycle, check the sensor’s position. The thermostat sensor is behind the air conditioner’s control panel. This sensor measures the air coming into the coils. If it’s not properly placed, the unit could behave unpredictably. It should not touch the coil, just be placed near it. If in doubt, contact your trusted HVAC professional.
  • Refrigerant leaks If the unit has low refrigerant, it’s either leaking or was undercharged when installed. You can’t just add refrigerant solution, especially when its leaking; it won’t solve the air conditioner problems. Contact a qualified AC repair technician who can fix any leaks, test the repair work and charge the unit correctly.
  • Inadequate maintenance — Air conditioners are built to withstand a lot. The fans and compressors can fail early, though, due to negligent cleaning and excessive wear and tear. The air conditioner coils and filters should be cleaned regularly to prevent dirt build-up. The wires and terminals can corrode, causing such air conditioner problems as an electrical control failure. Your certified maintenance technician should check this on a routine service call. Homeowners can take control of the air filter by checking it monthly and changing it when it looks dirty.

Being without an air conditioning unit in the Sun City Center area isn’t a pleasant experience. If you’re dealing with air conditioner problems, contact the professionals at Gulf Coast Air Systems. We’re proud to serve homeowners in and around Riverview, Valrico, Lithia, Plant City and Sun City Center.

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