How to Create an Allergy-Free Home

How to Create an Allergy-Free Home from Dust and Pollen

It’s a rough week for allergy sufferers in the Tampa-area due to high tree pollen levels.

Although pollen levels can be easily predicted, there can still be other allergens lurking within the space you occupy most AKA your home. We have gathered some of the best tips on how to create an allergy-free house to keep you and your family feeling fresh this season!

  1. Cockroaches
    • The droppings from these nasty little guys contains a protein that is a primary asthma trigger. To keep your home free of these and your allergies at bay, store food in air tight containers and be sure any pipe leaks are patched up because cockroaches like food and moisture. In general, it’s best to have a clean and tidy home. Call an exterminator at the first sight of any bug infestation!
  2. Dust Mites & House Dust
    • Remove clutter and dust collectors.
    • Wash sheets and blankets at least once a week in heated water (130 F or 54 C).
    • Vacuum weekly using a small-particle or high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter.
    • If you own pets, be sure to give them a bath once a week at the least to keep down the amount of dander floating around.
  3. Grass Pollen & Mold
    • Keep in mind that pollen can be tracked into the house by homeowners and visitors.
    • Bathroom and clothes dryers should be vented outside to prevent a build up of moisture in your home.
    • Air out closed spaces such as bathrooms and closets to prevent growth of mold.

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