5 Common HVAC Safety Issues


If you begin seeing signs of the following problems, it’s time to call a professional AC Maintenance technician in to take a look. Allowing the issue to further develop could lead to larger, more expensive fix.

  1. Drainage Problems

If not leveled properly, some air conditioners may not drain properly.  Or the drain may become plugged causing water damage to other components or your home. Additionally, the condensation pump on the air conditioner may break, causing water to pool and result in major water damage.

  1. Dirty Air Filters

Air filters should be changed at least once a month. This is especially important for those suffering from allergies and asthma. Additionally, these filters clean your home and help the other equipment from working too hard and using too much energy.

  1. Sensor Problems

The thermostat detects the temperature of the air within your home and identifies whether or not the HVAC system needs to turns on or off. If you notice your air turning on and off at strange intervals or not at all, it is likely due to a sensor issue.

  1. Refrigerant Leak

Many condensers require a liquid refrigerant that creates the cool air for your home. You can tell something is wrong if you feel hot or warm air coming out of the A/C unit. This means the machine doesn’t have the proper amount of refrigerant it needs to function properly and is working harder. According to the US Department of Energy, if the refrigerant begins leaking outdoors, it can be harmful to the environment.

  1. Electric Control Failure

If a system is oversized, it is common for the compressor and fan controls to wear out due to the air conditioning unit frequently turning on and off. This also means that corrosion is most likely occurring with wires and terminals. During a service call, electrical connections and contacts should be checked by the HVAC technician.

If you are noticing any of these issues with you HVAC unit or if you need to set up an annual check-up with a reputable HVAC company, give us a call at 813-689-2082 to schedule an appointment!

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