It’s Never Too Late for a Heat Pump Tune-Up


We may be well into winter, but even if you’ve let your heat pump’s annual preventive maintenance go until now, it’s still not too late. If your heat pump still needs it’s regular maintenance or if the system’s performance seems to be dropping off, contact your local trusted HVAC services provider for a heat pump tune-up as soon as possible.

When your HVAC professional conducts maintenance on your heat pump, he or she will perform tasks such as:

  • Recharge refrigerant, if necessary: Heat pumps require a manufacturer-specified amount of refrigerant to operate properly. There must be enough refrigerant in the system for the heat transfer process to occur efficiently. If refrigerant levels are low, they must be recharged or refilled to proper levels. Your technician should also check for and repair any leaks in the refrigerant lines.
  • Check, verify and calibrate system controls: The entire system should be checked for proper operation. If any controls are malfunctioning, they should be replaced. Thermostats should be checked for proper operation and re-calibrated if they’re not correctly sensing temperature changes.
  • Check, clean and tighten electrical connections: Over time, vibration or other factors could cause electrical connections to loosen. Your HVAC pro should clean and tighten electrical connections to ensure continued system operation.
  • Check and change air filters: Air filters are critical components of system operation. They keep your indoor air clean and help maintain proper airflow in your heat pump. If you haven’t checked and changed the air filters yourself, your technician should inspect them and change them if they’re dirty. Remember, you should check your air filters at least monthly and change them when needed.
  • Inspect and repair ductwork: Air leaks in the system’s ductwork can cause significant loss of energy and money. Your technician should make sure all segments of ductwork are tightly connected and properly sealed.

Residents of the Tampa Bay area can call on Gulf Coast Air Systems for professional HVAC sales, installation and maintenance services. Contact us today for more information on the importance of heat pump maintenance or to schedule a heat pump tune-up at your convenience.

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