These Energy Tips Can Save You a Bundle This Cooling Season


As temperatures rise over the next several months, you’ll be forced to make a few changes in your Florida home if you hope to keep your utility bills in check. We suggest that you begin saving both energy and money this cooling season by following these simple energy tips.

Energy Tips to Help You Save Money

  • Install a WiFi thermostat — If you’re looking for a great way to gain control of your home’s cooling during the summer months, hire a technician to install a new WiFi thermostat. You can make changes to thermostat settings through an internet connection, analyze energy usage trends, and pre-set the times at which your A/C kicks on.
  • Change your air filter — A filter typically needs to be switched every 1-3 months, depending on the amount of dirt and debris that it’s catching. Keep up with a replacement schedule and your A/C will remain efficient.
  • Upgrade your entire unit — A/C units are resilient, but they do wear out after several years. If it’s closing in on its 12th birthday, now may be the time to switch it out with a more energy-efficient model.
  • Pay attention to Energy Star — You always want to install an A/C unit that has been certified by Energy Star. The same goes for all other electronic units and gadgets around your home. If you’re feeling especially ambitious, look for the newly created Most Efficient label, which identifies the highest standards of efficiency.
  • Seal your ducts — Air leakage in your ductwork is common due to the wear and tear that the system goes through over the years. Sealing problem areas and wrapping them in insulation will greatly increase your ductwork’s effectiveness.
  • Use fans instead — If the heat isn’t too bad, opt for either ceiling or floor fans instead of reaching for the A/C dial every time you start warming up. These fans use much less energy than your A/C unit

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