Air Conditioner Checkup Now Will Save You Money Later

Air Conditioner Checkup Tampa

The seasons are changing, and the Tampa Bay Area is seeing hot weather already and gearing up for a sweltering summer to come. But before the worst of the heat rolls in, you should schedule an air conditioner checkup to make sure you can stay cool all through the cooling season.

Scheduling your air conditioner checkup in the spring makes sense: you want to make sure it’s working before you need it, rather than turning it on one hot day, finding a problem, and sweating it out until you can get a repair. And if there’s anything that lowers the efficiency of your AC, you want to get it fixed so that you can minimize your energy bills. An HVAC professional can check the operation of your AC, paying attention to the following points.

Tasks Performed During an Air Conditioning Checkup

  • Proper thermostat operation
  • Air filter replaced
  • A/C temperature split (the difference in temperature between the air coming in and the air being blown out) measured
  • Fuses, wiring, and electrical connections tested
  • Safety circuits, voltage, and amperage in the electrical circuits verified
  • Blower fan and blower fan motor checked
  • Lubrication of moving parts
  • Coils cleaned
  • Duct checked for leaks
  • Overall system operation tested

On your own, you can replace the air filter to ensure that you get a good volume of airflow. You can also carefully clean the indoor evaporator coils with warm, soapy water for an efficiency boost. Be sure to note if you see any signs of mold or mildew, such as discoloration or a musty smell: this could mean that moisture is gathering inside your unit.

To learn more about getting an air conditioner checkup to get your home ready for the heat, contact us at Gulf Coast Air Systems!

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