How to Reduce Your Utility Bill

TAMPA, FL – It’s the hottest time of the year here in Tampa, Florida. We are all blasting our air conditioning and turning the temperature down more and more. As we get deeper into summer, a lot of us are noticing our utility bill is climbing higher. Are you looking for ways your air conditioning can affect your utility bills? A few changes can make all the difference. Here are four easy air conditioning tips you can try that could reduce your utility bill. 

Little adjustments at home

If you close your drapes, it will prevent the sun from beaming inside and heating your home. Though this may sound obvious, it will make a big difference. Your house will stay cooler throughout the day. If you turn on the ceiling fans, it will help to cool down the house as well. These little adjustments will have a major effect on your overall utility bill. 

Keep supply vents and interior doors open

There are myths that keeping doors interior doors closed can benefit you. The truth is when air conditioning designers are calculating your air conditioning unit, they are using assumptions that doors and vents inside the house are kept open. Closing the doors does not offer you any savings and it makes the unit work harder, which could cost you more money. Keeping the supply vents and your interior doors open will cool down the house and allow your air conditioning unit to work the way it was intended to. 


Pay Attention to your Thermostat 

When it is so hot outside, it is tempting to knock the thermostat down one degree or two. The truth is, those little adjustments will cost you more than you realize. Adjusting your thermostat a few degrees every so often causes the air conditioning unit to work harder and therefore, cost you more money on your bill at the end of each month. 

Keep Your AC Unit Maintained

Be sure to regularly maintain your air conditioning unit! A regular tune up will result in your air conditioning unit running to the best of its ability. If your unit is running as well as it can, it will save you money. Nobody wants an air conditioning unit that is not able to keep the house cool; and messing with it in an attempt to cool down your home results in a growing utility bill.


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