Why a Heat Pump Is a Great Choice for Heating in Florida

Heat Pump Is a Great Choice for Heating in Florida

Though Florida is known for its mild temperatures year-round, you may sometimes need heating in Florida in the winter. Furnaces are the traditional way to heat a home in the northern states but they are quite expensive to operate. Many Floridians choose to install heat pumps because they are more energy-efficient.

Heat pumps move heat from one place to another, making them more efficient for heating in Florida and other warmer climates. The heat pump consists of an outdoor unit and indoor unit. To heat your home, liquid refrigerant moves through the outdoor evaporator coil, absorbing heat from the outside air. The refrigerant is compressed into a gas, and moves into the inside heat exchanger coil, where it releases the heat and changes back into a liquid. The heat is distributed to the home by an air handler.

This process works best in areas where the temperature is always above freezing. When temperatures dip too low, the heat pump requires an additional source of heating, usually an electric coil, which can be costly in terms of utility bills.

Because heat pumps do not generate heat, they are more efficient, especially in warm climates. An air-source pump can generate up to three times as much heat energy as the amount of electricity it takes to operate the unit. High-efficiency heat pumps area also effective at dehumidifying Florida homes, making your house more comfortable year-round.

Heat pumps are rated with a heating season performance factor, or HSPF, with the highest ratings falling between 8 and 10. Geothermal heat pumps are the most efficient and can be safely operated in cooler climates. Though installation costs are higher for geothermal pumps, the operating costs are so low, they make a great choice.

For more information about heat pump and how they are an efficient way to heat your home, contact Gulf Coast Air Systems. 

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