What’s Affecting Your HVAC Unit’s Performance?

Is your air conditioning unit keeping you comfortable and cool? In our warm and humid Tampa Bay climate, keeping your home at a comfortable temperature is important. If you find yourself feeling a little too warm and your AC bill climbing higher each month, your HVAC unit may not be working as efficiently as it could. There are many reasons why it might not be working to the best of its ability. Check out the most common factors that could be affecting your HVAC unit’s performance. 

Air Leaks

Air leaks are often the reason behind your HVAC unit’s dropping performance. Roof damage, cracks, and poorly-sealed pipes are a few issues that can cause these air leaks. In any case, cool air from inside escapes and affects the temperature of your home, causing your unit to work harder and your utility bill to increase. 

Duct Leaks

Similar to an air leak, a duct leak causes your HVAC unit to work harder. If there is a leak in your ductwork, the cold air is not making it into your home efficiently. This causes your HVAC unit to work harder to cool down your space, only to have some of the air escape again. A leak, whether it be in your home or your ductwork, has a major effect on the overall efficiency of your HVAC system. 


The key to keeping your HVAC unit running to the best of its ability is scheduling regular tune-ups. When you schedule regular maintenance, your unit is less likely to have leaks or obstacles obstructing the air’s course. If there is an obstacle obstructing the course, your unit has to work harder than anticipated to get cool air to your home. This has a negative effect on your HVAC unit’s performance. 


When you need a tune-up, call our team of experts at Gulf Coast Air Systems. An AC repair Tampa technician will find anything that may have a negative effect on your unit’s performance during a tune-up, and they will be able to ensure your unit is running as efficiently as possible. 

AC Repair Tampa Trusts

There are many things that can be affecting your HVAC unit’s performance. When your HVAC unit has to work harder to produce cooler air, there can be negative consequences. Your bill is often higher and you are less comfortable. Paying more on your bill each month with less comfort in your home is frustrating and is a waste of money. Scheduling regular tune-ups for your HVAC unit can help eliminate issues in your home. If you are unhappy with your HVAC unit, make sure to call the team of experts at Gulf Coast Air Systems. There is no reason to feel warm and uncomfortable. Our team is ready to make your HVAC unit work at the best of its ability. When residents need AC repair Tampa turns to Gulf Coast Air Systems. We look forward to making your home feel more cool and comfortable. 

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