AC Rebates Incentives on Installation

AC installation rebates and incentives help reduce the cost of a new ac system

HVAC rebates and incentives

If you need AC repair in Tampa for your aging air conditioner, you may want to consider a brand new air conditioning system. Sometimes ac repair on an older unit isn’t the best option. Often times customers are better off purchasing a new and more efficient ac unit. An important factor with an air conditioning or heating system is the total cost of ownership over the long term. The initial price of an ac repair may be lower than purchasing a new installation, but an older system is less efficient, resulting in significantly higher electricity costs. And as the old unit ages, frequent ongoing repairs can often exceed the cost of a new air conditioner. Here, we will discuss AC rebates and incentives.

You can reduce the sticker shock of a new AC system by taking advantage of rebates and incentives.


Higher efficiency air conditioners typically have a higher sticker price, but they often are accompanied by generous rebates and incentives. These higher-priced, high-efficiency ac systems also tend to be eligible for generous government incentives. Our governmental energy agencies, along with commercial power companies, want to promote energy efficiency. By offering government-sanctioned rebates and incentives, they encourage the use of higher efficiency equipment, which reduces power consumption loads on the energy grid. Summertime power consumption by air conditioning can be especially tasking on the energy grid. By helping consumers acquire more efficient air conditioners, the energy load is minimized during the time of year which is most difficult for the local power plants to maintain demand.


Rebates and incentives are often offered by federal, state or local governments as well power companies and utilities. These incentives could be in the form of manufacturer rebates, tax credits or tax deductions. Depending on your geographic area and the specific air conditioner purchased, these incentives on rebates can often provide more than $1,000,  which will significantly reduce the cost of the ac unit.

Air conditioning system incentives are often based upon energy efficiency ratings, such as the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating or SEER. The SEER is the United States measurement for the efficiency of air conditioning systems. The Heating Seasonal Performance Factor or HSPF is a measurement for heat pumps. Higher efficiency is signified by a higher SEER or HSPF number.

Is it worth purchasing a new air conditioning unit that has a higher SEER rating?

To determine whether the cost of a higher efficiency system is worth the incentives and energy benefits, calculate the estimated time the efficiency savings will pay for the cost of the air conditioning unit. Use the Energy.Gov website to assist you in calculating the estimated savings on a new ac unit. The actual savings you receive will be based upon the air conditioner cost, the amount of incentive available, your geographic climate, and your area’s cost of electricity.

There are numerous online resources for researching ac rebates and incentives? We’ve identified some of the most reliable sources of information to research air conditioner incentives.

You will find searchable databases on these websites that provide a plethora of information on energy policies, renewable energy, and energy-efficiency.

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