AC Repair Technician

Need an experienced AC Repair Technician in Tampa?

This is the time of year where the AC system is either pass or fail. With the weather being so temperamental, you don’t know if you’re going to be sweating or chilled from the cold. Being able to call an experienced team of AC repair technicians to get things together is key.


How do you know if you need your unit checked?

If you notice the unit lagging, or there is hot air blowing when it should be cold, it’s a good time to call an AC repair technician to diagnose the problem and get it fixed. As a rule of thumb, HVAC equipment should be serviced twice a year – the heating during the Fall, and the air conditioning checked in the Spring.

What does an AC Repair Tampa Technician do?

An AC repair Technician works with cooling and heating systems for installation, maintenance and repairs to control the temperature in residential and commercial properties. It’s very important to hire the right specialist for the job. Here are a few considerations:

  • Are they licensed and insured?
    This is very important. You should ask for their license number and proof of insurance prior to signing them on to do any work. If they work for a firm, that information should be readily available. They should have general liability insurance, as working with HVAC units can be hazardous.
  • Do they have the experience and expertise?
    How long has the technician been working on HVAC units? How long have they been with the firm? You want to make sure you work with a reputable company or technician to ensure you receive the best service for your money and don’t have to worry about your unit being handled incorrectly. A good technician will recognize the make and model, and should be able to make the right recommendations as to whether the unit can be repaired or whether it should be replaced.
  • Do they have a permit to do the work?
    If you are working with a private contractor, this question should not go unanswered. Making sure all permits are obtained before any work is done is a must.
  • Do they have the specialized equipment they need?
    Repairing or installing an HVAC unit is a specialized skill. The technician should have specialized AC repair equipment to get the job done.
  • Have they listed the labor costs and parts in full?
    Do not get into any contractual work until you know the costs associated with labor and parts. It is always best to get at least three quotes for work that needs to be done as well, whether it is for installation, repair or maintenance. If the price seems too high, you will be able to compare the costs to another quote.
  • Additional costs on the quote
    Are there any additional costs added to the quote? Is travel time charged for a service call? Are there any additional service fees?

Get Experienced AC Repair Tampa Technicians

When looking for a good AC repair technician, make sure you get your information from a reliable source. Check online reviews, get recommendations from family and friends, or contact the local HVAC Association to see if you can get a referral. Getting a company within your locale that has a great reputation makes things a lot easier. By doing this, you will avoid travel costs, and can find reliable reviews from people you know and trust before making your final selection.


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